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Art Nouveau, the turn-of-the-century art form, is “new” again!

The options for using these 26 letters are endless.

What is your specialty? Applique… Redwork… Embroidery… Quilting… Needlepoint? Or maybe it’s Crewel Embroidery… or Beading… or Inking… or Silk Ribbon? How about Scrapbooking… or Markers… or Crayons?

The winding and twisting vines, leaves, and flowers will set your mind twirling as you think of all the people who could receive a personalized gift made especially for them.

The letters are printed in a 7” x 7” format, with a chart of percentages and sizes for reducing and enlarging on a copier. 

  • Item #: ABA-ARNO
  • Manufacturer: Another by Anita

Art Noveau Alphabet Pattern by Another By Anita

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