Dresden Plate Quilt DVD by Kaye Wood at KayeWood.com
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This is the technique only, no pattern is included.

No Points to match on this Dresden Plate!

Kaye's Chrysanthemum Dresden Plate techniques are for beginners!

Watch Kaye create this easy project with Faced Points as Kaye demonstrates using theStarmaker 5. Then use the Starmaker 5 Master Template to Fussy Cut your strips and get your Dresden Plate exactly the way you want it.

Then, choose a decorative stitch to finish your edges.

1. Stressing Accuracy and the Starmakers

2. Using Wedges in Quilts

3. The Starmaker Master Templates in Quilting The Kaye Wood Way

4. Techniques for Using the Starmaker Master Templates

5. A Different Point of View on the View & Do Shapes

6. Choosing Fabrics for your Quilts - Living on the Edge of Color

7. The Infamous Y-Seam Made Easy

8. Topless Triangles

9. Flying Geese

10. Diagonal Half Squares

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  • Manufacturer: Kaye Wood

Dresden Plate Quilt DVD by Kaye Wood

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