Facets of Michigan Shawl Series - Winter Birch (Brush Creek) for October at North Woods Knit & Purl
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Alpaca is the star of the show with this shawl created with chilly fall temperatures in mind.

Approximately 100" from tip to tip (depending on how it's blocked) its perfect to throw over your shoulders for a quick run, or cross it in front and tie it in the back to secure it.

The yummy alpaca will cuddle you in softness and warmth.

This shawl isn't a fancy-dancy decorative thing. Nope! She's built for warmth, like your favorite blankie!

Kit includes all yarn needed, pattern and 4 specially hand made stitch markers.

  • Item #: FOM-OCTWIBI
  • Manufacturer: North Woods Knit & Purl

Facets of Michigan Shawl Series - Winter Birch for October

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