Perfect Endings Perfect Bindings Binding Card by Sisters' Common Thread
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We just call it our Binding Card. It's not your grandma's binding anymore.

Double-Fold French Binding – Skinny, Wide and Any Size In Between.

You’ve measured, calculated, cut, remeasured and tried to get the most perfect scant-quarter inch seam possible so your quilt top is just perfect; points all sharp, blocks matching up perfectly, sashing and setting stones exactly where they should be and borders nice and flat.

You’ve steamed it, starched it, squared it and in general threatened it into being awesome! Now you’ve cut some long strips, sewn them together, pressed them in half and are going to do what with them? Attach them to the edge of your quilt with another quarter inch seam? Well ya, pretty much, that’s where you want your binding seam to land, but it’s even more about what’s outside that seam line that will fill out the binding for you.

Now’s the time to take as much care and planning and preparation in your binding as you did on the rest of your quilt. This step by step guide tells you how to calculate it - AND THEN - WE DO THE MATH FOR YOU.

Get that perfectly completely stuffed binding - any size - any time.

  • Item #: SCT-PEEN
  • Manufacturer: Sisters' Common Thread

Perfect Endings Perfect Bindings Binding Card by Sisters'

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