Square Snowman Patternlet by The Wooden Bear at KayeWood.com
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You've never seen a Square Snowball before, so here it is.

The Wooden Bear "Patternlets" are small, quick appliques to use on a variety of things.

This one is shown on a tea towel, but this square snowman would also be quite cute with many of them along the bottom of a sweatshirt, or even on a kraft paper gift bag!

Patternlets provide the applique, you provide the imagination!

Patternlets also fit in a standard envelope, so send it to your quilter friends for the Holidays or send it to good ol' Mom to make for you!

  • Item #: WB-SQSN
  • Manufacturer: The Wooden Bear Quilt Designs

Square Snowman Patternlet by The Wooden Bear

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