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Kaye's View & Do™ tools come in 6 popular shapes, made of hard plastic that are suitable for use with your rotary cutter.

Each shape has 4 removable pieces which allow you to make 2, 4, 6 and 8 inch size shapes, for a total of 28 templates. 

Great for fussy cutting, each template also allows you to view your fabric in different sizes. No guess work and no ripping out stitches, you know how it will look before you cut it.

Ideal for many purposes, you'll find yourself using your shapes in a multitude of ways from sewing and quilting, to scrap booking and other crafts. 

Shapes included in the set are a heart, diamond, hexagon, octagon, circle and pentagon.

Also included is the technique DVD

  • Item #: 6KSH
  • Manufacturer: Kaye Wood

View & Do Shapes by Kaye Wood

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