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Photos of some of our customers’ creations. Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge.


Finally done. This is for my son and his bride. I embroidered their names and the date of the wedding on it. I thought I may have bit off more than I can chew with this about half way through. But I stuck with it and this is the result! Great book with instructions. Love the pattern it made on the reverse side. Can be used both ways, I think. Using the Rings that Bind Book and Template 


- Barb


I made my 4 grandchildren quilts for Christmas.  I had fabric left over.  So I used the pattern I brought from you, My Camping Gear by Sister’s Common Tread, to use the extra fabric and batting.  I made 4 sleeping bags for their dolls.  In the picture, there are 2 made with Disney’s Frozen fabric, one with Marvel Spiderman 2 fabric and the fourth one from Disney Cars. 

They were very excited with the quilts and I hope they will be just as excited with these for their dolls.


- Norma

This is a seed quilt that we here at Angel Wings hope to plant into the the lives of many. You can help by purchasing a raffle ticket for this quilt. You are helping us raise funds to fill gas tanks and wrap very sick cancer patients in warm prayer quilts. This quilt started out has a twin size unfinished donation. It was given to Sheila Coverdale to finish into a queen size quilt. She took the quilt and without a pattern or enough fabric to finish it and prayed.  After many days of studying the quilt, Sheila took it apart and added more blocks and borders and it became the quilt that you see in the pictures!

We are asking for $5.00 per raffle ticket or 6 tickets for $25.00 all tax deductible…You may go to the Ucaring cite and donate or call  Angel Wings Network at 208-414-9464 for more information

1 2 3 4

- Shirley

  Family Honor Wallhanging/Table Runner pattern for the Wounded Warrior Project

The picture shown in the wall hanging is my husband’s father from 1943.

My story starts out with my brother serving in the Navy when he was 20.  After he served his time, we became a very close family.  For the past 20 years he was a long haul truck driver.  Dedicated to his employer and always giving 110%.

On July 23, 2014, one day before his 62nd birthday, we received a call at 1:30 am saying that he had been killed.  He had been talking with his daughter at 9:00pm and saw that a trucker passing him was looking at oddly, and when  he looked behind him, he noticed that his load had shifted.  He ended his phone call, pulled to the side of the road to fix his load when another semi came along hit him and ran over him several time.  The trucker had enough compassion in him that he pulled him to the side of the road so no one else would do the same.  It has been a difficult road for us, but I knew I wanted to do something as a memory of him for our family members.

As my husband and I arrived one day early for the funeral I went into a fabric store and found a table runner with a military patch on it.  I knew instantly that was what I needed to do.  I took the idea and made a wall hanging using the military patch, designing a full flag, and inserting his picture at the bottom.  That way I will always have him with me.

The pattern comes with a specific military patch, and the hanging hardware that resembles a dog tag.

A portion of all sales goes to the Wounded Warrior Program in his memory.

- Karen

I finally finished a “NEON” in the Night quilt for one of my granddaughters. It could be used either side. Also, made pillows,   pillowcases and a special label for the quilt


- Judy

Untitled-1A-Maze-Ing Quilt Pattern. I just loved the pattern and the color combo.  It’s hanging now in my office behind my desk.  I get comments on it all the time from our clients.


- Kathy


I decided to make my home a little bit brighter and cheerful this year by making dresden curtains. Here is the first set out of ten that I am making.

- Gail

blue purple

Thought you might want to see that your efforts on Caribbean cruise had positive outcomes, although I could have used more fabric in those great colors!   Virginia Lee and I had a wonderful time sharing the ship and you and the other quilters.  The “Jumping Jacks” quilt is being donated to a foster child project.  I embroidered the centers with various animal outlines and embroidered the top center, “For someone special;” so you can see that it all was a labor of love.

- Pam


This was a two year project because I had to put it away twice to take care of my mother.

It was a pattern from Brandi Crazy Strippin but I put sashing and borders in it to make it easier to hand quilt. The final size is 92” x 105”. I like it now that it is all done.

- Cynthia

IKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA I am working on this one, I love Kaye Wood’s books and Starmakers.

- Pat


# 1.This is made for a friends son who was in swimming for most of his young life, now he is going off to college (on a scholarship) and this will go with him.

# 2 Cosmos, I made just for me.

- Pat

MY CRAFTS 2014 004I actually made the Pineapple Pattern that took me so long to win. I have certainly used different colors than Kaye but I am pleased with it. This is the first time I have made a project and followed the pattern, which of course I started with a hexagon instead of an octagon. That made me want to stop because I had cut really pretty blue flowers for the middle and now had to change to the one in the picture. I had a good time figureing it out and am pleased with it. Just had to send a photo which is not very good just shows my job.

- Mary Ann

st1 st2I just read the note about doing Celtic knots and the trouble the lady had doing them. Well, as you can see I did a whole quilt plus two wall hangings and had no trouble at all after I quit following the instructions in the book. I did it ‘my way’ and this is what I did: I cut the bias strips as stated, then folded each into thirds and pressed as I went of course being careful not to stretch. Then, I ironed on 1/4 inch Steam-A-Seam. After doing all the strips, I then peeled off the paper as I needed for each strip and pinned at some spots, flipped over the block and lightly pressed into place and they stayed put. Having Asthma, I couldn’t do the spray starch thing at all. Plus, even three years later the rest of my strips are still useable for the next Celtic pattern I’m going to make.

I did the two small wall hangings as my very first attempt at Celtic knots – love them. The larger quilt was done as a gift from my sister to her Irish friend.

I hope this helps out anyone thinking of doing these great knots.

- Linda

stI just finished this quilt in time for my grandson’s 10th birthday.

- Nancy


Blazing Star pattern from the Teacher’s Certification class in Reno. For more info on Teacher’s Certification classes, contact Kaye:

- Tina


As a member of the Egyptian Society of Heritage Arts. And Organizing of technical projects, I, made this quilt for Alexandria lovers, as an educational gift, called as project “In Love With Alexandria Quilt” I chose to work with Traditional and Heritage Arts, bearing in mind, that blocks can be enlarged several times of its usual size.

This design has nine units; each portion was divided, or fragmented, into smaller patches. The fabric is to be decorated by sewing on decorative patches adds a graceful curving line, and a touch more color.

- Abbas

I really enjoyed the class and I am looking forward to using the templates. I have completed the top for Diamonds of Yellowstone today and I have named mine “Diamonds of Kentucky” I need to practice the Y seams but I really think I will get better every time I sew them.Untitled-2

- Stephanie

I made  pillow  cases  for my  daughter ‘s  black  and  white  guest bedroom  to match  up  with  black  and  white “blooming  nine  patch  quilt” .


- Helen

Circle Quilt by Jacqueline

I send you in the same time a picture of my latest quilt. I cut the circles with my Sizzix machine, that was very easy, and really all the same. So… it was finished in a moment !In the same time I wish you a happy New Year from Belgium. Here the weather is good. No snow !

- Jacqueline


This is the quilt that I made for my nephew’s wedding Nov. 9th, 2013.  I used 4 charm packs of “Boho” fabric, and a little more than one jelly roll of Kona “Snow”.  I machine quilted it on my DSM, which was a gift from my mother shortly before she passed away 18 months ago.  I think of her every time I use it!

- Jannette B


Over the past few years I have made several of Kaye’s Hexagon Star table mats as gifts for family and friends, and they have always been well received.  Imagine my surprise and delight when my son and his fiancée asked me if I would consider making 14 of them in fall colors to be used as centerpieces at their wedding reception this past October!  Of course I said “yes”.  I made 16, “just in case”, and they were a beautiful addition to the tables and garnered many raves.  At the end of the evening, one lucky guest at each table found a special sticker on the bottom of their favor and got to take that table’s centerpiece home as a keepsake.  And yes, the newlyweds also have one as a remembrance of their special day!

- Phyllis

Heart-View-and-Do-class-9-1My latest project at Kaye’s most recent Certification class in Arizona. This is made with the Heart View & Do’. I took several pieces of material and had Kaye pick out what she like. Turned out great didn’t it?

- Sharon

1 4 Hour Quilt!2

- Kaye

1I chose 6 western fabrics from my stash and Kaye’s ‘Pond Lily’ pattern for my last class with Kaye.

I added another row across the top and down the side in the center with the dark background, added a faux sash around it and finished it with one row of ‘Candy Corn’ with tan background for the ‘border’.

This quilt ended up 64 1/2 X 53 1/2 inches.

When I was working on this in class Kaye kept saying to me, ‘That would look nice cut the other way’. Of course I had to cut some ‘the other way’ and that is what ended up in the border. I really enjoyed working on this quilt with Kaye. This one is for my husband, Carl. He supports me in all of my quilting endeavors and he needed a quilt. As with all of Kaye’s patterns this one is very easy and will be used again.

- Sharon

1I am working on this quilt up here at Quilting On The Rim in Show Low AZ. It is a variation of the Savage Star Pattern.

- Kaye

2I LOVE of the American Flag.  And I LOVED the idea from ‘HoopSisters’ of embroidering the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ on the stripes – but I wanted a flag with more of a ‘curved’ angle (than my 2012 Flag I posted last year).

So I used the Simple Curves’ Ruler from ‘Phillips Fiber Art’ to make my basic flag.  Then I used a ‘pre-designed’ Star from my Embroidery library – but worked with it until I got it how I wanted it (would hold up to free-standing) – then copied it 25 times to sew out on Heavy Duty (double layered) Water Solvy in a 200 x 200mm hoop. (each hooping took 3 hours to sew out: total 6 hrs to sew out the Stars.)

I Have made many flags before – BUT this one is a ‘Keeper’.  And I am NOT done yet!  :-)   I am making one more, even Better – and that one will be going to my oldest son, who served 29 years in the US Marine Corp, and is currently doing his same job for the Military, but as a Civilian.

The ‘Secret’ to this guilt is to ‘have patience’ – as a Seam Ripper was ‘joined at my hip’ during this process.  But I LOVED what I was making and therefore didn’t mind all the re-doing.  ie. had 36 stars in place before I realized that I had too many rows – and had to remove 26 that were previously sewn down.  Also once I had all 50 sewn down, there were a few that I moved over just a bit.     And for the stripes – there were 32 seams that I wanted lined up PERFECTLY so there were quite a few ‘rip outs’ there.  What I FINALLY did was to loosely sew at each connecting seam, check it out, rip out if need be, re-sew until I got it right, then sewed the whole seam.        LOTS and LOTS of FUN to make – and SOOOO worthwhile.   :-)1

- Sandie
1My grandson, Zane Prewitt started playing football about the time this pattern was in magazine.  Had to make it for him.
He is 6 yrs old and loves it.
- Ellen

1I forgot to send you this last year. My boys worked together on a baby quilt for their math teacher (one a graduate, one current). They called it “Rainbow Blocks.” It not only won 1st Place in the Jefferson County Fair in the Team Youth division but also Grand Champion for 18 and under! Quite proud of them!

- Barondess

1My last daughter is having her first baby. She is single, 38, a high school math teacher and really wanted to be a mother so-oooo she went to a high school
classmate who is a family practice doctor and through IVF is going to have a baby girl any day now.  Because she loves math so much she wanted a math related name so her little girl will be Addie for Addison.  She also loves anything to do with stars and the night sky so I designed and made this baby quilt for my new Grandaughter Addie.  The “Twinkle twinkle little star “was the theme of her baby shower invitations. AND we do wonder just who she will become.  Do you see her peeking over the winter trees? I quilted free motion stars in the sky and outlined the snow covered trees in silver thread to give the quilt bling. My daughter loved it!

- Jan

Sweatshirt-Jacket-FrontThis is my version of the Made With Faith jacket.  I had such a blast turning my old comfy sweatshirt into a pretty jacket.Sweatshirt-Jacket-back

- Jen

Pinwheel SquaresThe earth tone batik quilt, with green pinwheels is done from Kaye Wood’s Pinwheel Squares Quilt.

- Phyllis


- Ulla

vivitarcam-009The dragon quilt is my first attempt at trapunto. I was afraid because the applique is on satin fabric and the satin stitch usually makes a mess. I used one of my better machines and took my time. Did a lot of thinking and planning before quilting. Funny thing I would cut out the pieces and then misplace them for a month. Guess that gave me time to think.

- Jacqueline

Orange-Blazes-2012-#-1 Orange-Blazes-2012-#-2Here is my latest of Kaye’s patterns. “Orange Blazing Stars”. I used 4 different oranges to show the light/dark difference how color plays together. This is one of the easiest patterns and is a joy to put together. I expecially like the updated way to sew in the background pieces. Thanks Kaye!

- Sharon
2012-12-19-19.07.07 2012-12-21-21.52.16I made these two quilts for a church member. They are her husbands neckties (some bought off of ebay). They gave one to each adult child for Christmas. I used around both ends of 160 ties even had to make ties from the center of ties for some of them. For the middle of each Dresden plate use part of the ties.
- CL

IMG_2295My father loves this guy so much that he himself dresses in black also so I decided to make him a quilt for Christmas of him.

- Nancy

14This is my  Caddy Pad Plus Hot Iron Carrying Tote and Ironing Mat Pattern

Soooo easy to make, and quick!

- Connie

!cid_X_MA1_1357166053@aol !cid_X_MA2_1357166053@aolJust finished my first 6 hour quilt in 7 hours and I have to say your technique is brilliant!  I followed your instructions and everything turned out beautifully.  I feel certain the next one will take less time as I have now flattened the learning curve (and learned something new about binding!).  Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and experience with us!  I made this for siblings whose names start with C, so they can fight over who gets it!

- Liz

DSCN2383I am Betty from Arkansas. I have made lots of the 6 hour Quilts but this is the FIRST and ONLY one I have made in strips. It is all in
flannel,  My son in law is 6ft 4” tall and asked if I could make him a “utility  quilt”  that was long enough to go from under his feet and up to his neck. This quilt is 90 inches long and 45 inches  wide   and I did serge the edges instead
of binding. The quilt took longer then 6 hours to make but I learned a great deal. The main one is I doubt if I will ever make one like this again. By the way it is a Christmas gift for my son in law.  Thank you again for  still having the pattern. My daughter wanted one and I ordered it several weeks ago and have sent it to her.

- Betty

I went to my first quilt camp/retreat in October of 2012. I had planned on finishing a quilt – I had the top done but needed to bat, quilt and bind it.
Being a new quilter I hadn o idea how much work that really would be. So I declared myself a “top only” quilter. But as you can see I’ve given it another try. I decided to make potholders and small tabletoppers for my friends this year – 4 sets. I’ve gotten much better and know my sewing machine a lot better.Charla's-christmas-gift Jean-Adams-Christmas-gift

- Janinne

This is my Grandmothers Flower Garden made all by hand.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I took on this quilt but sure was glad when it was finally finished

I do like all the different colors, although my first choice was to make it 2 colors but it come out nice after all.  Hope you enjoy it.
- Donna

This candle mat was made with Kaye’s View & Do 8″ Octagon Shape.

- Kathy
My one  and  only  summer  project.
- Helen

 I want to show you a group of young quilters.  I wrote a grant with the CO. Quilting Council for 6 kids to make the Rail Fence Lap top quilt design . To be held at the Erie Arts Coalition, Erie, CO.

So we had 6  kids ages from 6+ to 9 working 3 mornings on their lap top quilt (of course they did their own thing).

They were introduced to quilting which was my reason for having class.  They had such a good time and the last day they wrapped their quilts around themselves and danced around the room.  It was so neat. Just wanted to share these lovely kids and their quilts!

- Ann

 This picture is of a teachers life in picture form through out her teaching carreer.


 The one is a t-shirt quilt made for a high school graduation. I enjoyed making the t-shirt quilt it was my second.


This one I made for a second teacher I made the Pineapple Quilt for her retiring. They worked with my daughter is a TA.


- CL

I have always wanted to make a Grandmothers Flower Garden but I had no idea what I was in for. I cut 2 1/2″ hexagons sewed them all by hand then hand quilted my quilt. The only part I used the machine on was the binding. This was a job for sure. I love how it come out and it’s fits my queen size bed perfectly. But never again… I hope you like it.

- Donna

My boys make baby quilts for their teachers. My 13 year old son made this quilt the teacher who listened to his math abilities. He called it “A Maze of Holes.” It was the first time he used the Starmaker 6. It not only won 1st Place in the Jefferson County Fair in the Senior Youth division but also Grand Champion for 18 and under! Quite proud of him!

- Barondess

This quilt is called “Monkey In the Middle” It was made for my great nephew Chase. I used the “View and Do” Diamond Shapes” and a modified version of the “ABC” quilt pattern. It was the first time I have used your products and love it.

- Teresa

Thought perhaps Kaye would like to see half of my quilt using her instruction on You Tube.  I used the Starmaker 8 and 45 degree line to make the two part divider strips.  Each hexagon was changed to a square from watching her technique.  This is my first quilt and it is half way there in about 4 days.  Will use her technique for flying geese down the center of the two halves once I repeat this again and then flying geese on both sides flying in opposite direction.  I was careful with all the bias edges too just like she teaches.  What a great instrucor.  Looking forward to getting my next box of rulers.  Thanks, Kaye

- Bev

I have just finished this quilt for my grand daughter Jessica. I am pleased with the end product & love watching you showing us how to do these beautiful designs. I have only recently started quilting so this was a HUGE step for me I used your fussy cut method

             The Court House Steps was finished a few weeks ago by learning from the books that I recently purchase from you. Thank you for giving me courage to try these beautiful designs of yours..
- Milena

I know  this  an old  pattern  but  I still like  it and  besides  had  all this  fabric  that  I wanted to  use  up  just  had  enough …….I’ve  made  up  my  mind I’m  not  buyingany more  fabric until  my  stash  is  all  used  up……….well  maybe  I  could  have  my  arm  twisted  if  something  really  caught  my  eye  LOL

- Helen
The blue runner I have just finished sewing using my new View & Do Shapes…….Not quite perfect, but I am thrilled with it . ( I think I may be one of your pointless people) I finished it off using your youtube video on the 6 Hour Quilt Idea. I love it. Thank you for your time & videos. I have only been doing this for less than 1 year, so I watch you a LOT on youtube







- Milena

I did this quilt using the Kaye WoodsView & Do  Diamond Shape. I thought it turned out really well. It was in the EMQS here in Eureka Montana and sold to to woman from Wisconsin.

- Pat

 This is Kaye’s Nebula pattern. I don’t think the colour is showing up very well; the background is a light green with darker specks throughout. I had to substitute two of the colours in the small triangles but I think they blended in quite well.

- Maureen

 This is my updated version of Kaye’s Chrysanthemum/Dresden Plate quilt.

I much prefer the bright neon colors. The other blocks will be blue shades like the background and a bright green. I can’t wait to finish it!

I’m using Kaye’s Starmaker 5 – Very Easy!!

The technique is available on a DVD too, HERE

- Kayla

Here is my D9Patch I made using 3.5″ squares that were leftover from another project. I like the really scrappy look the smaller squares give you.

- Linda

This is the split 9 patch that I cut too many squares for and so I used the many leftovers in the D9patch quilt shown.

- Linda


- Rebecca

 Canned Frogs! LOVE IT!!!

- Antonia

  I started this quilt waaaaaay back in 2000-ish.  Found the Cowgirls (Moda — Lynn Brown paintings) at Quilt Festival in Houston and knew that they were perfect for a quilt for my Mother in Law, who was a cowgirl in her younger days and a darn good barrel-racer with her horse Goldie.

- Rebecca

Another Bead It Forward Quilt Project

- Bead It Forward Project

The Upstate New York Glass Bead & Jewellery Guild’s The Tree of Life Bead Quilt. Now that’s a lot of beads! I like the technique of dividing it up into squares and a different colour/technique in each one.

- New York Glass Bead and Jewelry Guild

“Circles of”Circles of Black, Circles of White 3″ – the third in a series of art quilts embellished with buttons and beads.

- Nancy

- Leona

The attached quilt, named “Alphabetimals at the Zoo” was made for my soon-to-be born grandson, Gavin.
I was searching on the internet for pictures of animals to go with each letter of the alphabet. I found a website called that showed these incredible letter/animals. I was able to get permission from Patrick O’Toole, the talent behind them, to use his designs to make the quilt. I just had to send him a picture. Patrick has added the picture to the facebook page of Alphabeticals.
Each part of each letter/animal is appliqued and satin stitched. For the pupils of the eyes, I hand-punched 1/4″ circles from black material that had a little white dot perfectly spaced, then stitched to the whites of the eyes.
A local embroidery shop embroidered the names of the animals and they are randomly placed around the edge, so that in a few years, when Gavin is learning his letters, he can match the names & letter/animals.

- Linda

- Helene

Picnic blanket and bag.

- Jodie

I made this Pirate quilt for grandson for Christmas.  He loves it.

- Ellen

I found my moose in the woods.  Made for my son for Christmas.

- Ellen

Rail Fence I made my daughter for Christmas.

- Ellen

Made my 2 great granddaughters for Christmas.

- Ellen

Curved Log Cabin for my son’s girlfriend for Christmas.

- Ellen

These were my first 2 quilts. We were having a Sept 11th service at our church and the quilts hadn’t been quilted yet but were placed on the Alter. Those 2 quilts were sent to a evaq hosp in Iraq over 6 years ago. I have this photo hanging in my sewing room to remind me of my Mission that God has shown me and to remind myself of my part in helping to cover our warriers in the military. I wonder about the 2 people who got those quilts…I wonder if I have helped them in anyway…

- Sheryl

Made my son’s dog a quilt out of scraps from my son’s quilt. Bo loves his quilt.

- Ellen

This is my “New Wave” quilt.  Ever buy a bunch of fat quarters you love, but they’re too pretty to cut up?  This is a fun way to showcase them without cutting them up too small.  I enjoyed sewing this quilt, and then it was fun practicing a different free motion or machine stitch in each row.

- Sheila

I have to say I was a little aprensive to do this Moroccan Tile Pattern. Thinking it might be hard. But, I have sewed for years. Well, to my suprise it was super easy. I have had such fun sewing on it today and some last night. I have sent pictures to my friends. So let me just say I am singing your praises. Hope you like my colors. (We LOVE it, Ruthie, thanks for sending it in!)

- Ruthie

- Jacqueline

Here is my dresden plate!  I can’t believe how pretty it turned out for a first try!

- Kim

I made this using Kaye Wood’s A-Maze-ing Quilt Pattern.

- Hazel

- Pat

I saw them in a magazine and was inspired to give it a whirl myself!

- Jen

From the Ebook Fantastic Fans and Wedge Designs

- Rose

My father turns 80 in April/2012 and this is his birthday gift.

It’s made for an extra high queen size bed. I didn’t want to have a bed shirt so I made a bedspread. My oldest son has a bed just like his so I used his for measurements. (My father lives 5 hours away).

It looks really good on my son’s bed. I’m glad I tried it on his bed because he is the next one in line to make one for. I’ll probably put his two girls on, I don’t know yet.

- Nancy

Here is a picture of my rendition of the Pinwheel Hearts Quilt. Still finishing hand sewing the binding to the back. I tried a new method with my binding since I have a heck of a time with the mitered corners turning out just right. I curved the corners, following the curves in the quilt. Much easier to get the binding to work on a curve then on a mitered point.

- Jen

I’m sending the photo of the completed blocks you requested in order to receive the teacher certification from the training in Novi.  In the photo, the quilt top is rather dark, so I also am sending a photo of the Blazing Stars  block in progress.

This is the first quilting class that I’ve taken & I really enjoyed the experience as well as learned a lot.  Thanks for the opportunity.

- Kay

I took Kaye’s class when she was in Ketchikan, Alaska this past fall.  I have completed the top (and actually getting the quilting done) for the Jumping Jacks pattern.  Also, I used piping around the circles for my quilt, I forgot to ask about hints or tips when using lace.

- Pat

I finally finished the cars wall hanging!  Hope you like it.  I used your Diamonds of Yellowstone Pattern and Embroidery Library classic cars designs.

The cars in the smallest diamonds were some I’d collected over the years.

He loves the wall hanging.  (He’s thanked me for making it half a dozen times in the last couple days.)

- Karol

I finally finished my mother’s Christmas gift for this year.

- Nancy

Here is the first quilt I made and just recently finished! I call it the YouTube quilt as I taught myself to make a quilt watching You Tube.  The one good thing about you tube…it doesn’t get annoyed if you have to repeat it over and over until you get it and it is free!
I have always wanted to make a quilt. Now that I am home and forced into early retirement by a lay off I found time to develop a new hobby. I have learned not only to quilt but made new friends through a local quilt group and learned about myself through the process of making a quilt! What a wonderful hobby!

- Fran

This is Kaye’s Brick Path pattern made into a table runner. No outside borders and so easy to put together!

- Sharon

I see that I placed the rick rack a little off, but pumpkins are not perfect anyway…

- Pat

I made this quilt as a gift for my husband’s nephew’s wedding in September 2011.  I had seen the quilt made up in my LQS, and I fell in love with it at first sight.  Fortunately, the fabrics were all on sale at the time!  It came together quite quickly, and I had a local quilter do the quilting on her long-arm.  It measures 50″ square – just perfect for the newlyweds to snuggle under!

- Jannette

Pattern from Kaye Wood Quarter Quilt Series. Follow the Squares.
I slipped on a leaf and hurt my leg, had to stay home as I wasn’t able to drive or walk very far, made this quarter quilt in five days for my husband Christmas gift, sooo fast and easy.
Decided I will make four more for gifts, will change squares around to make them look different.

- Yvonne

Made this quilt for my grandsons he graduated this year.

Finished it right on time, the centre is from a kit, I had to make it bigger as he got a bigger bed.

Only second big quilt I have ever made, I will say it is Kaye Wood that has inspired me,

found out if I follow pattern directions it is quite easy. Thank you Kaye

- Yvonne

I’ve bought a Sissix machine with dies to cut fabric and I had a lot of fun in making a few chil dquilts to offer. I am from Belgium and love your newsletter every time.

- Jacqueline

Quilt I designed and made this year for our 2nd granddaughter. I made up the verse as I designed it.

Made with Nana’s hands, sending hugs and kisses from her and Papa’s hearts,
Sweet dreams Eva Rae.

- Cheryl

Again, thank you for the enjoyable class at the American Sewing Expo in Novi. I had a great time working on this quilt pattern and look forward to doing many more. This pattern is Kaye’s Pinwheel Hearts

- Sandra

My grandson wanted a wallhanging for a computer teacher he had that year. The kids were always going back and forth about PC verses Mac. At the awards night he surprised her with this wallhanging/lap quilt. He had 12 pages of blog on PC verses Mac and he got it down to 9 pages. They are interesting to read. (I am attaching them if you just want to see them.) We just tied the quilt because I was running out of time. He seems to wait till last minute for something. I enjoyed doing this.

- CL

I made this for a teacher that works with my daughter. She wanted a t-shirt quilt for her son. It turned out to be queen size.

- CL

I have been a “wannabe” quilter for about 35 years and finally completed my first quilt for my 82 year old Mom.  I have done lots of hand quilting — mostly around panels, but had never cut, sewed, sandwiched and completed a quilt from scratch.  I started this in January for Mother’s Day, thinking I had plenty of time.  We own a resort on Kentucky Lake and I just couldn’t get all the piecing, applique and quilting done in time.  I finished it in August and named it EXPRESSION OF LOVE.  It is totally machine pieced and quilted.  I used a couple of decorative stitches and my embroidery machine to do the label.  I even used my budding free-hand quilting skills from a class I took in July.  Mom loved her quilt and I am so glad to give it to her, knowing she will cherish it as much as I do her!  I WILL be doing lots more quilting — eventually.  This is a picture of my Mom (Jane Clemons) and me on the day I gave her the quilt.  It is a 50″ by 50″ lap quilt for her blue and yellow lake room.  I also am sending a picture of the back and label just because I’m kind of proud of it.  Is that a quilting sin?!

- Marilyn


This was my first quilt made for my granddaughter Blair’s second birthday ( January, 2007).

Her favorite thing in the entire world was a bear in rainbow colors she took with her wherever she went.  The bear on the back of her quilt was to remind her of her favorite toy.


- Marie

This was my first quilt I ever made. My daughter loves cats. I wanted to make this for her when she was a little girl. I was afraid to try quilting. I made it
and she is now 30 years old. What took me so long? lol.

- Brenda

I just finished this for my great grand daughter. (first girl, have one gr grandson a year old)
She will enter this world the first part of Oct.

- Eileen

Hexagon table topper from your Seasonal Wall hanging pattern.

- Lisa

This is the wonkiest quilt I have ever tried to make and caused me much stress.  When I started I planned to make a trains, trucks, and buses type quilt for this small boy who said his favorite color was yellow.  By the time I bought the fabrics and got started he had decided his favorite color was red and that he liked to fix things and enjoyed tools.  So I bought a Mr. Fixit quilt kit and planned to add extra borders to that.  By the time I was well started on that, the favorite color was still the same, but now he planned to be a “hunter of bear and a hunter of deer” when he grew up.  So I just kept changing blocks around and adding things every time I heard something new until I got to an appropriate quilt size.  So this quilt has carpentry tools, adult animals, baby animals, barns, plane, tractor, gardens, heavy equipment, and all kinds of colors.  Never ever would I have tried to put these colors or fabric designs together by choice.

But, the family and the child like it I guess.

- Jeanne

I’ve been trying to make this “Quarter Quilt” (Brick Path) using one of Kaye Wood’s patterns for quite a while now….. I was sure that I could whip it up in a weekend – and if I hadn’t been interrupted a kazillion times, I might have done it. But, I put the last stitches in the binding tonight, and voila! a new Quarter Quilt for the spare room.

It even matches the comforter quite nicely! Of course, the comforter will be coming off when the nice weather finally makes it’s way to us.

The last QQ I made was flowery and I used a rose-red fabric – and seeing as the spare room is most often used by my son, I thought it needed something a little more manly.

I loved how this pattern went together too – there’s a “twist” in the instructions, and I thought that was the most fun part – but you’ll have to order the pattern to find out what the twist is! The first pic is a close-up of the fabrics and the pattern; the 2nd is a pic of it on the bed.

Check out Jannette’s blog, here:

- Jannette
I was asked to make this quilt for my daughter’s best friend….. her mom’s mom had died and the fabric in this quilt was from all her “retirement home” polyester dresses….almost all the fabrics had shades of purple or rose in it….. they were butt ugly…..  When I finally got the dresses all cut apart and found enough pieces of fabric to make the squares…I  assembled them together……. there was one dress that was black & white…and one that was green & white….and the rest were the purple tones…so I placed the black & white square in the centre of a nine patch and surrounded it with the purple tones…I then surrounded the blocks with a one inch border of the green and white dress fabric…. by the time the quilt was put together….we considered it so ugly that it was beautiful…. I then backed it with a rose piece of fabric……. when my daughter’s girlfriend picked up the quilt… she burst into tears…… her gramma’s name was Rose …. she gave the quilt to her mom and it has a special place in their home….. and lots of memories.
Bottom line.. a very ugly quilt can hold more beauty than one could imagine
- Maureen

This quilt is a Madagascar print with green sashing and velvet cornerstones. It has freemotion topstitching. It was made for my great niece Suribrielle. She was born last September 2010.

- Jacquelyn

More Kites using Kaye’s patterns and techniques!

- Cliff and Gerry

A-maze-ing Quilt Pattern

- Becki

Blazing Stars – What a wonderful way to do stars with the Starmaker 8 and they look like they’re difficult to do, but aren’t.  I used an Aztec fabric and took the colors from it for the other fabrics.  I had trouble with the squares and triangles, but once I got them figured out, it went really well.  It’s a great pattern and one that I know that I will make often.  (That top edge really is straight, it’s just the way it is hanging for the picture).

- Margaret

Here is a photo of my finished “Tumbling Stars Centerpiece”.
I had a great time learning to make this.

- Sylvia

This  is  called  “OMYGOSHQUILT” and  it  really  was  oh my  gosh what  was  I  thinking!  The little  blocks  are  one  inch, they nearly  drove  me  out  of  my  mind but  they look  good  when  finished.

- Helen

Ribbons” from “Marlene”  from  Australia. This took  a  lot  of  patience but  the end  result  was  great. Still have  to  do  the binding  yet.

- Helen

This is a Stacking My Blocks, completed by Sonya Porter at the class in Sun City , AZ March 9, 2011

- Sonya

Here is a picture of a quilt I made with the Jumping Jack pattern. I have yet to finish the sample I started in class.

This quilt is going to a sister-in-law who has just found out that her cancer has returned.

Thanks for the quick pattern and ease of instructions.

- Sharon

I made this mini quilt so the little doll I made would have something to keep her warm….. the center of the star is the challenge fabric we were all given….

- Maureen

Kites! This is one of the recent entries into our monthly “Think Outside of the Box” contest.  (Click to make them bigger)

- Gerry

This was made into a lap quilt for my husband using the View and Do Diamond Shapes.

- Diane

Just wanted to send you a picture of the Delectable Mountain quilt that I finished. This is the one that I had emailed you about not being square and you helped me. I had to rip off the three out side bands three different times before I could get it to square up. It turned out nice in the end and was worth all the frustration.

- Linda

Gotta keep your wits about you doing these! I did quite a bit of “reverse  sewing”!

- Helen

I needed to make my parents a quilt for their king size bed and was inspired by a readers ‘show and tell’ quilt and a video I saw on your site about ‘Rings that Bind.‘ My mother wanted a large floral print for the centers and a stripe for the rings. Every floral and ring piece of this quilt was cut one at a time as I didn’t want any two floral blocks exactly alike and the stripes had to match as perfectly as possible.
I selected certain flowers in each block and quilted them by using variegated thread on top and mono filament clear in the bobbin (since my backs were various colors) and free-motion stitched around and inside the flowers, stems and some leaves which made them just ‘pop.’ I was able to machine zig zag the rings down using the clear mono filament on top and various colors in the bobbin to match backing on the entire quilt. It took about 5 months to complete and was done in time for my parents 57th wedding anniversary this past February. My mother gave me the best compliment when she said it was ‘more than she could have asked for.’
After I gave them the quilt my mother decided they needed pillow shams to match. The shams were a great addition since they use this quilt on their bed every day.

- Michelle

I was finally able to make a quilt just for me after 22 yrs…..It seems someone else gets the quilt, but not this time.  I love the way it come out and it fits my bed perfectly.

- Donna

I finished – up to a point – another Kaye Wood pattern.  This one is called Rhapsody.  I chose fabrics from my stash.

Visit my blog at Quilter In The Pines

- Eileen

Here’s a lap quilt that I made for a friend at the bingo hall. She has a 4 year old son. My friend’s grandmother made 5 receiving blankets for her son when he was first born. Her grandmother had passed away since and she always held on to these blankets. She had asked her mother if she could try and make a quilt out of it but she was too afraid to try. My friend knew I quilted so she asked me. When I gave it back to her she had tears in her eyes and almost made me cry too.

- Nancy

A variation of Kaye Wood’s Trees With Ease pattern.

- John

A variation of Kaye Wood’s Blazing Stars. Nicely done, John!

- John

This is one of the ‘Quarter Quilts’ which Kaye says are, “Quarter the bed size!, Quarter the fabric!, Quarter the time!, Quarter the money!” Before I could get to one of these ‘Quarter Quilts’ I had to finish up 4 charity quilts. Since finishing and delivering the charity quilts I have been able to get to work on “Double Cross” (now, officially, Brick Path).  Visit my blog  for some pictures of how I put this one together. As usual I got so involved with putting this pattern together I forgot to take pictures of all my steps…….

- Sharon

 The Quilt Project

This quilt project had its origins in the spring of 2010 when librarian Jennifer Wilcox approached the Miramichi Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society asking if our group could help provide funding towards the purchase of a digital microfilm reader.  Knowing that the current machine was in a poor condition, we immediately agreed.

It was suggested that a quilt raffle may be just the thing to raise more funds than we could ordinarily donate to the purchase of a new machine.  A quilt made by genealogy fans would have to be different.  A design was found featuring stars arranged in large circles.  In the centre of each star would be a photo of an ancestor from our county.  Letters and requests went out to members and friends who then kindly submitted copies of pre-1920 photos (as well as some good stories) for the quilt and other projects.

Over the fall and winter, the quilt came together.  There are 112 photos of Northumberland ancestors on it.  After being copied onto fabric, the photos were collected into a massive album.

We expect to show the quilt and sell tickets for it at the many festivals and quilt fairs to be held in our region.  Ticket sales will begin during Heritage Week and will continue until October 25, 2011.  The draw will take place on that date at the Chatham Public Library.  Proceeds of the ticket sales will be given to Chatham Public Library to be used towards purchase of the new equipment.
Many thanks to all of our members and friends who submitted photos and stories, and to those who bought tickets to support this project.

- Nancy

Here’s the latest quilt that I made for one of my son’s at Christmas time. Mona Lisa is his favorite painting so I decided to make him this lap quilt. One inch squares, 45 squares across and 66 squares high. I really had to concentrate on this one.

- Nancy

thought I would send this picture to you of the baby quilt I made using the Chevron Table Runner idea…I decided to square off the bottom and use 3 strips…..have had many compliments   ….I’m really enjoying sewing the Kaye Wood way…lots of great ideas

- Maureen

Sunbonnet and Fisherman Fred is from husband’s shirts.

- Barbara

Dresden Plate is from husband’s shirts.

- Barbara

University of Texas at Austin quilt from UT Tees

- Barbara

Rogers’ Tee shirt quilt was from her Texas A and M Tee’s

- Barbara

Assmus’ quilt was a photo quilt I did for a young lady in her favorite colors…red, white and blue.

- Barbara

I made this quilt with material of Clifford the Big Red Dog that I had leftover from making little hats.  I purchased the red star print and then added all of the primary colors to go with it.  I didn’t have enough of one color for the border so I pieced what I had until I got enough to go around the quilt.  Not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but it was fun to make.

- Cynthia

Today I played around a little.  I have a new pattern from Kaye Wood, Double Cross (now, officially, Brick Path).   It’s a pattern for A Quarter Quilt—quarter the bed size, fabric, time, and money.  I really like the design, but I don’t want anything that size, so to try out the pattern, I decided to just make a couple of blocks.

I actually made three more, and I’m not sure what all I’m going to do with them all, but I really do like the design.

- Eileen

This is the fabric I used to make the quilt below.  I used the Starmaker 6 to make the blocks out of 6 layers of the same piece.  Sewed three of them together then sewed the  two blocks  of three together.  Making the multi designed blocks.  Then I had to sew Y seams to get the quilt put together.  All blocks are different.  I plan to use the quilt as a ME SEE Quilt…..a child looking for the animals that are in the border of the quilt, then finding them in the quilt.

- Joyce

I would like to share this quilt I made. I work for the US Army and military doctors. One of the doctors is retiring and I thought what a fitting going away quilt.

This design is “Starring the Eagle” by Dian Barnard and uses Kaye’s Starmaker 6. The original design calls for an eagle applique, which I did on the first one I made.  Then I came across the embroidery “Eagle Sketch” A Design by Lyn. I have attached a close up of that.
- Sydna

I just wanted to share my first quilt with you.

- Deb

This quilt was made with Joan Hawley’s Lazy Angle Tool! It turned out wonderfully.

- Linda

I made my granddaughter a quilt for her twin bed and gave it to her for Christmas in 2004. I couldn’t find a picture to send you so went to their house with my camera. She now has a queen sized bed and has figured out how to use her quilt sideways on that bed. It was the second quilt I ever made.

- Jane

More projects using my new View and Do Hearts. I spent my “snow” day making fleece blankets for grandchilren’s January birthdays and a new baby to come. The light green is for a baby and I used the second size of the hearts, fussy cutting some scraps and appliqueing them to the green fleece. The pale blue one also has hearts in two sizes, with “tool” fabric fussy cut in the heart shapes and appliqued. Fleece, is inexpensive, quick to sew, the shapes made it so easy and fast, that I got all the ones in these pictures plus some more done in one day.

- Jeanne

This was a true quilt-as-you-go quilt. I wanted to do something with pictures, so I used my 3 grand children and made it out of 12 blocks. At this point I wasn’t sure if it would be a wall hanging or temp to make a quilt out of it. I sewed the picture on the batting with the backing then sewed a black border also. Next I decided to do something with decorative stitching; I liked it so much I attached it together with the centre. From there I laid it on the bed and created the rest. I was really proud of this quilt seeing that I was only a beginner. My mother-in-law was the lucky one that got it for Christmas in 2006 and it looks really rich on her bed; so rich that she sleeps in another room so she can keep it clean for when she has company over. My specialty was garment sewing but to this day I do mostly quilts and enjoying it.

- Nancy

This doesn’t qualify for your contest because you can’t see where I used Kaye’s shapes very well.  I am just telling you the story I guess.  I have had her heart shapes for years and never opened the package.  Today I was finishing up the attached wall hanging and remembered those shapes.  It took me longer to find them than to do the stitching!  I have moved to another state in the meantime.
But, I did find them and used them to make heart shapes to quilt in the background and also for the heart on the door.
And I saved out the pattern to make a baby quilt for a new grandchild due at the end of March.
The shapes were a LOT easier to use than folding a piece of paper and cutting until I got a heart shape I liked that would be the right size.
Thanks Kaye!!

- Jeanne

Here is my grandson’s I Spy quilt for his 3rd birthday. His love of Elmo was the inspiration. I was lucky enough to purchase a Sesame Street charm pack from the US on Ebay (we can’t get the fabric here in New Zealand) and found Elmo and Ernie in the “Quilting with the Muppet’s” book. The quilt design was my own. Lucas really loves his quilt.

- Sandy

I discovered this Kaye Wood video and her awesome rulers and immediately ordered a Starmaker 6 to start making a hexagon quilt. 

Of course, I didn’t want to hand piece hexagons. But lucky me, this video was listed in the sidebar of related videos.

This quilt has been relatively easy so far using both of these methods, and I feel like a super-accomplished quilter having tried something new.

You do get left with a bunch of these little triangles when cutting with this method, but luckily, they are perfectly usable. Of course, I can see making anything with these taking a lifetime, but then, maybe I’ll just spend the next 60 years making little hexies out of tiny triangles.

Read Bari J’s Blog, HERE!!

- Bari J.

My step-daughter is recovering from multiple myeloma treatments and really wanted to make her first quilt. We used a pattern from your book,  Everyone Can Quilt and even though neither of us had ever made a quilt before, this is what we managed.

- Janeice and Brenda

I decided to make a quilt for my granddaughters graduation June 2008, her dress was Periwinkle.

My granddaughter loved colors of purples, blues, pinks, I had no idea how to choose materials.
The sales girl at the fabric shop chose materials taking colors from a post card I received in the mail of the sky, all different pink/purple/blue hues with Mount Baker in the background, beautiful.
I was so exited to start on my first quilt, it has taken me two years and eight months from start to finish.

My mother will be so proud of me, mom made her quilts by hand. I had it quilted by a friend with a quilting machine.
It has taken me so long to make this quilt that my granddaughters color preferences have changed.
I’m giving to her for Christmas 2010.
Grandson graduating in 2011, a quilt is in the making.

- Yvonne

Here is my table runner made from the pattern Blazing Stars.  I just love it.  The picture does not do it justice.

I was in your November 16th class at Boyd’s in Traverse City, MI.

I loved the class and all the patterns I bought.  I can’t wait to get started on another one.

- Sue

I made this for, children in the hospital, they sent the fabric partly cut and you sew it. It was fun and gives a good feeling to do something for sick kids.

- Joyce

This is a picture of one quilt I did thinking I would use all my scraps. Turns out after it was finished I realized I had enough fabric to make probably a dozen more quilts.   I bet your not surprised.

- Marg

I purchased the Rings That Bind Book & Template from you.  Here is the finished twin XL quilt and the matching 24″ sq pillow sham that I made.  I hope you like what I accomplished.  It is different from that was illustrated, but I’m proud of the way it turned out.  Thank you for the new method of making a quilt.  I’m sure I’ll make more.

- Lorraine

Pattern is “LeSpring Bouquet”. Picture 2 of 2 shows a close up of the center panel. Quilt is basically made up of borders around said panel; with only one  piecework block border. The ‘scalloped’ border is made from a floral stripe fabric, which I truly fell in love with. I made it for our annual church dinner drawing, so again I didn’t get to keep the quilt!!

- Sharon

Hi Kaye,

I finally finished my quilt! If I had know how easy and quick it was to finish, I would have done it a long time ago!!  I love it! I used your Spinning Diamonds pattern.

- Theresa

Back in June, in Reno, I took your Teacher Certification Class using the Starmaker 8.  Attached is the project picture.  Loved the class as well as the techniques.  I have two classes scheduled and there is a lot of interest in the display.  I am affiliated with Sew Smart in Marshfield, WI, and have had a very busy summer getting displays sewn and up.  I always under estimate the amount of time I have and number of other commitments.

Thank you for a fun day.  You make learning enjoyable in spite of our intimidations.  When I grow up I want to be just like you!  Love you!

- Faye

I’ve got 3 wonderful quilts to show – 1 is a wholecloth wall hanging that got 1st place in the professional category at the Armada Fair, another is a customer quilt that is amazing and the 3rd one is my Mother’s first quilt!  (I’ve been teaching her how to piece this summer):

Vintage Linen Table Topper #1:
This was a 34″ embroidered linen table topper.  I quilted it with silver and white thread and then hand beaded it.  Wish me luck – this one is entered at the Quilting with Machines event in Ohio a few weeks from now!

Mary’s Quilt:
My friend, Mary, pieced this buttery yellow quilt and I quilted it on my hand-guided longarm.  I used a stencil in the blank spaces and traditional quilting on the pieced blocks.  I had a hard time giving this one back!  We had just painted our guest bedroom the same color!!

Blooming Dogwoods – Mom’s First Quilt:
I started her out with a nine patch alternating with solid blocks.  I had her put a large medallion in the middle with multiple borders.  She did a great job piecing this quilt!  I had her help me mark the top with the stencils and I quilted it on my Gammill Classic Plus.  My friend, Kay, helped her with the scalloped binding.

- Lisa

When I read about the ladies that make baby and doll quilts to give away it reminded me of the two quilts I had made for my two granddaughters for their Barbie dolls.

I was taking classes at the time and wanted to do this one lap quilt, but wanted to see what it looked like as a rag quilt and as a regular quilt. Because of time in classes I decided to take the measurements from the full size pattern and divided it in half.  The quilts went fast in sewing and turns out that they were a great size for my granddaughters to play with with their dolls. When you divide a pattern in half it’s half both ways, up and down and from left to right. Example, one 8 inch block takes four 4 inch blocks. You can do wonders with sizes if you own a photo copier or a scanner which is what I did for the flowers.

- Nancy

I’m Janie (Cockrell) Berlin.  Ed and I own Skidway Lake Motel.  I’ve met Kaye often – at Best Western and Carolines.  I’ve finished my embroidered state flower block quilt (took 3 years).  Sending picture (before it was longarmed by Caroline).

- Janie

Jannette did a gorgeous job with Kaye’s new pattern, Follow the Squares. And she blogged about it too!

Click here to go to her blog post. And, click here for more in on Kaye’s newest in her Quarter Quilt series!

- Jannette

I read the article about the Cat Blankets and thought I would tell you what one of the things we do here in Cincinnati.  We are the Toy Shop Axillary. We dress about 800 dolls for Christmas  every year for Salvation Army. They are distributed at Christmas time. Parents come in and pick the doll they want to give to their little girl.  All the outfits are made by ladies in the area. A couple of years ago, we decided it would be nice if we could wrap each doll in a quilt. Of course we have quilters that don’t make doll clothes and we wanted to get them involved. The response was great. We have no requirements as to size so each doll now gets two extra outfits and a quilt with her fully dressed doll. The ladies use up their scraps and odd fabrics from their stashes. We promote that it is a great way to try a new pattern and see if you like it without making a full size quilt. They do a lot of strip quilting too  It is amazing what we get. Even scraps can be beautiful. Some women make beautiful quilts and don’t use scraps. I have no rules. Some have batting and some don’t. I have one lady who makes 25 quilts a year-all from her scraps! She swears her stash is not going down as fast as she thought.

Since the group I belong to is only responsible for dolls and books, another group who is responsible for baby gifts asked if they could give some of the quilts to give to real babies. They just couldn’t believe what we were getting from our sewers. I didn’t think the sewers would mind so the bigger ones went to real babies. We found out after Christmas that some of the girls who got them for their dolls used the quilts for themselves! Talk about passing on and sharing a love for quilting.

- Phyllis

Kaye’s Spinning Diamonds, by Mary Cole, Certified Teacher

- Mary
I got a little carried away. The quilt ended up being 94 by 126. It was a fun project. It is Kaye’s Stacking My Blocks pattern.
- Diana

My almost 12 yr old granddaughter, Lanie, made this flannel wall hanging using Kaye Wood’s Octagon shapes.  This will be a special gift for her adult Reading partner from grades 1-5, who is now recovering from cancer and chemo therapy.  Great job.

- Grace

Thank you for the class. I did the Spinning Diamonds, and was lucky enough to finish after class. I learned 5 major new tips and techniques during the lesson, and had lots of fun doing it. I can’t wait to get started teaching.

- Gail

This is “Olive”. She is the niece of Kaye’s Son and Daughter-In-Law. This gorgeous little girl is showing off the quilt that Kaye made for her. It’s a log cabin design from Kaye’s Quilt Like A Pro book.

- Kaye

This is a quilt I’ve made to raffle off in remembrance of my two sisters that I’ve lost to cancer.  I made a label for the back.  On June 18th and 19th, I’ll be walking in our local Relay for Life cancer walk and I’m donating all the money to the American Cancer Society.  Last year I raised $395.00 and I’ve already beat that amount this year with two weeks to go!

- Kathleen

I received your newsletter today and didn’t realize you were a military family.  I am a retired Air Force Master Sergeant.  I was stationed in Alaska, Korea, Japan, Crete, England, Maryland and Texas.  My daughters grew up overseas and my oldest is now married to an Army man.  The quilt shown here, I made for my dad who was also in the Air Force.  His rank (Staff Sergeant) is represented by the stripes in the top right corner (as you’re looking at the picture) with the old Air Force wings in the bottom right, and the new Air Force wings in the top left.

I had cousins who fought in the Vietnam War – all of whom came home safely and I currently have three nephews on active duty and a niece in the guard.  Every year I watch the Memorial Day Concert from DC and one day hope to attend in person.  To all the Veterans and to our young men and women currently on active dury, I’d just like to say thank you for your service to your country and Aim High…go Air Force!
- Kay

I am a fairly new quilter and this is the first finished quilt that I have made. I began it a quilt camp in February 2009 for my husband [So he would like me going again this year] and finished it on Christmas morning. I used the pattern Diamonds of Yellowstone and View and Do Diamond Shape.

- Diane

I made this “One Block Wonder” quilt for my Granddaughters college graduation. This was from one fabric and my first attempt at this type of quilt. It was so easy and so much fun, I can’t wait to make another one.

I made this “One Block Wonder” quilt for my Granddaughters college graduation. This was from one fabric and my first attempt at this type of quilt. It was so easy and so much fun, I can’t wait to make another one.
- Suellen

Attached is the wall hanging I did from your View & Do Diamond shapes. The pattern is Diamonds of Yellowstone.

I just loved the fabric and really didn’t know what to do with it and then I remembered your diamond shapes.
They are so easy to do and I will be making many more things out of them.
- Marge

Click to make the picture larger. This picture was taken at the VDTA quilt show in Las Vegas, NV.

- 6 Hour Teacher Certification Pics

This is a picture of the Teacher Certification class in Las Vegas.

- Beth

This is my first attempt to make a lap quilt using stripes and prairie points, I have so many quilts with prairie points and fell in love with it. One day surfing different quilt sites I came across Kaye Wood’s show, “How to make prairie points the easy way“.  Made them the Kaye Wood way, I’ll will be making more quits with prairie points. Thank you Kaye so much, I have only been quilting for about an year now, no lessons or anything.  I grew up as a child with quilts on my bed have love them ever since.

- Dee

This is the quilt we made in in the Las Vegas Certified Teacher Training Class. Then I came home and made one for my kitchen table (correctly)
Love this pattern.  I want to make another as a center for a queen quilt. I used Kaye’s Savage Star pattern.

This is the quilt we made in class in Las Vegas. Then I came home and made one for my kitchen table (correctly)
Love this pattern.. I want to make another as a center for a queen quilt.
- Grace

Just some of my winter quilting.

A block of the month quilt for my daughter.

A lap quilt.

Just some of my winter quilting.
- Janet

sandtelldonnaThis quilt I made for the annual Moms for Marines picnic….it was a big success again this year.  I have plans already for next year.

- Donna

Here is another quilt I made for 2008 MOMS4MARINES annual picnic, this one went over so good.  We sold alot of tickets and was able to raise money to send x-mas packages for our troops in Iraq.  It’s a very good cause and the families that come are growing every year.  It is an open picnic for any family that has a family member in the Marines, already in boot camp or going to boot camp, or deployed.  It’s a fun day for them all.  We always have a great time.

- Donna

Marine Quilts gives quilts to the next of kin of our fallen soldiers to remind them that we feel for their sacrifice. You can go to their website to see examples and to get instructions for donating blocks.

- Astrid