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Donate Your Used Sewing Machine To A Good Cause!

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Are you cleaning out your sewing rooms? Do you have a used sewing machine you’d like to donate to a good home, and  a good cause? Women in New Orleans are seeking sewing machines to replace ones lost in Hurricane Katrina three years ago. Diocese of Louisiana case manager Ann Ball said, “Women not only sew to provide clothes for their family but also do tailoring for customers and make Mardi Gras costumes.”
She notes that with many still struggling to put homes and lives back together; money for sewing machines is scarce.
Ball said she will distribute to needy clients any machines shipped to her.

Ball’s discovery of the extensive need for sewing machines by her clients was “a fluke.”
“One day, an elderly, feisty woman told me she missed her sewing machine because it brought her ‘peace of mind.’ She couldn’t begin to afford one; we were trying to get her plumbing for her kitchen and bathroom.”
The longer Ball listened, the more frequently she heard that “sewing machines are essential for many poorer households here, since the women not only make clothes for their own children, they also make Mardi Gras costumes and do tailoring for other people.”
Social service agencies do not consider sewing machines essential, so while deserving people can receive refrigerators or beds from agencies, sewing machines remain out of reach.
Nevertheless, said Ball, “I have clients who grieve over the loss of their machines. They simply cannot replace them now because they have too many other needs for their money: increased rents, increased utilities,  furniture, school uniforms, supplies, etc.
“They not only used their machines to generate income but their sewing also gave them great peace of mind and tranquility,” she said.
On the “off chance” that Ball receives more sewing machines than she can distribute through the Office of Disaster Response, Margaret Jankowski, creator of The Sewing Machine  Project   http://thesewingmachineproject.org/, has promised to help.
According to its website, “The mission of the Sewing Machine Project is to give people a tool that will not only help them mend their own lives but also will give them a way to take an active role in the rebuilding of their community. Since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005, Jankowski has made five trips from her home in Madison, Wisconsin to deliver over 350 donated machines to New Orleans.” Sewing machines are distributed at Grace Episcopal Church   http://www.gracecanalstreet.org/index.htm.
On the “off-off chance” that The Sewing Machine Project is unable to distribute surplus machines, Ball will work through the diocesan partnership with the Diocese of Honduras  http://www.anglicano.org/  to  dispense machines “for use in cottage industries.”
“I hope I can’t get to my desk because my office is overflowing with sewing machines,” Ball said. “And I have no doubt that every machine will find a grateful home.”
Machines may be sent to:
 Ms. Ann Ball
 Case Manager, Diocesan Office of Disaster Response
 St. Paul’s Homecoming Center
 6268 Vicksburg St.
 New Orleans, LA 70124
The address is valid until the end of the year.

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