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Hi Quilters!

THIS is the type of scenery

we were forced to endure

for 5 days!!!

Today at the Cabin....

This week is all about Let's Make A Deal!!! Read on...

Well, we made it back!

If you missed last week's newsletter, this is what happened.

Hubby and I flew to Alaska for my niece's wedding. While there, he found a "screaming deal" on a little truck, great shape, couldn't turn it down, so bought it. Now we had to drive it back. Cancelled the return air flights, waited for passports that were being overnighted to us, and headed out to drive the AlCan. (Sidenote, if you ever get the opportunity to do this, by all means, Seize The Day, but plan on longer than 5 days!)


The Yukon, has the most gorgeous scenery I have EVER seen! Ever!! Northern BC is beautiful as well and then, of course as we continued south, we encountered much the same views as we would have in the USA. There were a few stories along the way, as usual, and here's one....

Since the Canadian government isn't quite as tolerable as ours with their citizens having guns, and we camped in grizzly country (slept in the back of the truck the whole trip), we bought a couple of big filleting knives and put them in each passenger side window sills. And forgot about them. When we got to the border we were asked the standard questions: Do you have any weapons to declare (forgot about them), plants, fruits or vegetables (a bag of apples), anything you bought and are bringing back.... and our answer was "No" to everything except the bag of apples. The border agent then proceeded to open the back and inspect and came across the knives (that we forgot about). Asked why we had them (and more interestingly, why we had them stuck in the window seals) and after looking at each other in kind of an "Oh, Crap!" kind of moment, explained the story. Good thing she had a sense of humor!

Now, this week we are having a "Call Us On The Phone Because Our Shopping Cart Is Broken Party".

Our shopping cart is pitching a fit, for whatever reason, and our tech dept is on it, but so far has been unable to make it work properly, so... we're making deals! See something you want? Call us, maybe we can

Make A Deal!

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What's On Sale....

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Glorify Quilt Pattern


Borealis Quilt Pattern


Cellophane Flowers Quilt Pattern


Blue Jay Way Quilt Pattern


Itty Bitty Beatle Bag Organizer Pattern (available in larger size also)


Glass Onion Quilt Pattern


Good Day Sunshine Quilt Pattern


Marshmallow Pies Set of 3 Pillow Patterns


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Quilting Cruise....

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Quilting Seminar....

Join Kaye as she shows you her easy techniques for machine piecing.

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Homesteading Corner....


Yup, the garden is a disaster. I'll get out and get it weeded, and see if there are any nuggets of gold waiting for me, but until the shopping cart is functional again, it's going to have to just wait. That is, IF I remember where I put it!

I like to use marigold plants as row markers, they are pretty and this year, they are serving the purpose of helping me to remember where, among all of the weeds, my garden lives.

While this picture isn't actually my garden, it's pretty close. Mine has Marigolds as row markers :-)


DVD of the Week....


Grandmother's Flower Garden Techniques DVD

Kaye makes this classic hexagon quilt super easy!

The book and View & Do Shape are not included, but call us.... we are making deals!

Get The Technique DVD, HERE


Reader's Show and Tell....


I read the article about the Cat Blankets and thought I would tell you what one of the things we do here in Cincinnati. We are the Toy Shop Axillary. We dress about 800 dolls for Christmas every year for Salvation Army. They are distributed at Christmas time. Parents come in and pick the doll they want to give to their little girl. All the outfits are made by ladies in the area. A couple of years ago, we decided it would be nice if we could wrap each doll in a quilt. Of course we have quilters that don't make doll clothes and we wanted to get them involved. The response was great. We have no requirements as to size so each doll now gets two extra outfits and a quilt with her fully dressed doll. The ladies use up their scraps and odd fabrics from their stashes. We promote that it is a great way to try a new pattern and see if you like it without making a full size quilt. They do a lot of strip quilting too. It is amazing what we get. Even scraps can be beautiful. Some women make beautiful quilts and don't use scraps. I have no rules. Some have batting and some don't. I have one lady who makes 25 quilts a year-all from her scraps! She swears her stash is not going down as fast as she thought.

Since the group I belong to is only responsible for dolls and books, another group who is responsible for baby gifts asked if they could give some of the quilts to give to real babies. They just couldn't believe what we were getting from our sewers. I didn't think the sewers would mind so the bigger ones went to real babies. We found out after Christmas that some of the girls who got them for their dolls used the quilts for themselves! Talk about passing on and sharing a love for quilting.



Send me pictures of your creations and we'll put them here and on our Show and Tell Page.

FR** E-Pattern for July 2015....

Trees With Ease Quilt Pattern


Combine all your favorite similar color fabrics from your scraps or fat quarters to create this stunning quilt! Separate your dark, medium and lights for greater effect. The darker fabrics become the upright trees, the lighter fabric becomes the background or upside down trees. Easy to sew with no seams to match. Uses the Starmaker 6 tool (sold separately).

Sizes: Placemats, Wallhanging, Small and Large Quilts

Get the Twirling Stars Quilt Technique DVD HERE

Get the Starmaker 6 Master Template HERE


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Hearts in Bloom Quilt Technique

Watch Kaye make the hearts bloom when her layered and appliqued hearts are sewn together.

Pattern not included.

Tip: Maddie Bushman from Janome uses the Clothsetter to make Christmas Ornaments.

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This Week, our Flower of the Week is.....


Daisy Daze Quilt Pattern


Cute Quilt Patterns at

These darling rows of flowers are so easy to green thumb required! What little girl wouldn't love to pick some of these pretty little flowers?

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