Some of the projects in Kaye's Book, Fantastic Fans and Wedge Designs Ebook and the theories behind the Starmaker 5 Master Template!

Scroll down for a tutorial on cutting and piecing fans and wedges!

Fantastic Fans and Wedge Designs

Wander through Fantastic Fans And Wedge Designs to see all the possibilities for using wedge shapes in your quiltmaking.
Kaye has simplified wedge cutting by using the Starmaker 5 Master Template. Take a look at the Starmaker 5 to see how the accuracy is built in to this tool. There is a flat top on the Starmaker 5 .

fantastic fans and wedge designs by kaye wood

Lavender and Old Lace Tabledrape

quilts using Kaye Wood's Starmaker 5 Master Template

Autumn In The Forest

(Originally, before rotary cutters, this top came to a point; the point was sharp, but the Starmaker was flexible. When rotary cutters came into being, the Starmakers had to be made from thicker acrylic plastic and this point would have been dangerous and would easily break.)

Since this sharp point wasn't used in any of the designs, a decision was made to just cut it off.

Now we call it the flat top. Near this flat top, there is a number 20 in a circle. Guess what? If you cut with that angle, 20 pieces will go in a circle. That is what the 20 inside the circle means.
Do you have any designs that have 20 pieces in a circle (or 5 pieces in a quarter circle, such as a fan)? This is the perfect angle to cut those designs.
Once you know that you have the perfect angle to cut, you can make these wedges any size by changing the width of the fabric strip. If you use the 20 angles of the Starmaker 5 to cut a narrow strip, your pieces will be small; If you cut a wider strip, your pieces will be larger. But the small end of the wedge shape will be the same regardless of the size.

There are lines across the 20 angle of the Starmaker 5. These lines help you to keep the Starmaker 5 lined up accurately; they will always be parallel to the bottom or top of the fabric strip.

Put your fans on point! With Kaye Wood's Starmaker 5, it's easy!

Fancy Fans on Point

These difficult looking quilts are easy using Kaye's techniques

Victorian Fantasy

Kaye has also designed the Starmaker 5 with a dotted line down the middle of the 20 angle. This line looks like a seam line and in most cases is placed on a seamline. Or it can be used to fussy cut a fabric wedge from striped fabric.
Now, back to the fans and wedges. Strips are cut; the strips are then cut into wedges using the Starmaker 5. Five wedges are sewn together into a fan. In some of the projects in the book, the curved edges of the fans are finished with some kind of trim (lace, piping, etc.) are then attached to a backing fabric by stitching in the ditch. In other projects, the fans are squared off and sewn together. In a few of the projects, the fans are pointed, which can give you a 3D effect on your quilt.

But, what is most important is with Kaye's techniques, all of the fan and wedge projects are easy enough for a beginner. She has eliminated sewing curves together, which means the projects are simple to do. And that means lots of fun when people admire your work and think it must have been difficult.

Baby Quilt using the Starmaker Five

Sweetheart Baby Quilt

Starmaker 5 Sampler Quilt

Fair Lady Sampler

Make your fans fancy or plain, they are all easy using Kaye Wood's easy fan techniques and Starmaker 5 Master Template

Fancy Fans

Tutorial (or How Kaye Cuts and Pieces Her Fans)...

Victorian Fan Block

This fan block is easier than it looks and is great to hook the beginning quilter - no seams to match and no curved piecing. Lace is added to give this block a Victorian look and also to provide a seam so the block can be stitched in the ditch to the background fabric instead of doing curved piecing.

Fabric needed:
  • 12-1/2" square
  • 5 fabrics 4"x9" each
  • 60" of gathered lace
Stack all 5 fan blade fabrics and cut the strips into wedges using the Staarmaker 5 and a rotary cutter. To cut, place the line under the 20 mark on the Starmaker 5 at the top of the strips. Cut on both sides.

Turn the Starmaker 5 upside down with the 20 line at the bottom to cut the second set of wedges.

Cut 4 sets of wedges.
For each fan, sew 5 wedges together. Press the seam allowances all in one direction. Sew lace to both the large outer curve and the small inner curve. Press seam allowances toward the fan.
Pin the four fans to the background square. Stitch in the ditch between the fan and the lace. The solid area in the center of the block is a great place to show off machine quilting or embroidery stitches. Make your quilt block into a pillow, or combine several fan blocks into a table runner or a small quilt.

This Victorian Fan is one of the blocks in the Victorian Sampler book in Strip Quilting Projects Book 9.

Watch Kaye demonstrate her fans technique, here, on Kaye's YouTube Channel

This Windmill Quilt also uses the Starmaker 5.

Unlike ordinary windmill quilts, Kaye Wood's simplified techniques put a new spin on this pattern to make this project a breeze. Beginners will find it easier by adding sashing strips. For the more adventurous, go without the sashing. This project uses Kaye's Starmaker 5 tool to ensure accuracy (sold separately).

Sizes: Baby, Twin, Double, Queen, King

DVD available of Kaye demonstrating her fans techniques.

Click here to watch Kaye demonstrate her Windmill technique on YouTube!

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