Suzi Purse Insert and Organizer
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Suzi Purse Insert and Organizer

by Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs

Does your purse needs an inner purse? Something small to organize all the little loose things that migrate to the bottom of your purse. Something to make it easy to move your stuff from purse to purse. Does your stuff need a keeper. Suzi to the rescue! Suzi is ideal for keeping things together in a busy purse, or easily moving your things from purse to purse.

Suzi also makes a great organizer or caddy and is wonderful to use for sewing or desk supplies.

Great Size
Suzi is designed to be big enough to hold and organize all the little loose things, yet small enough to allow room to use the inside purse pockets and carry other things like a water bottle, too. Large size is 8.5 x 4.5 x 3 and medium size is 6.5 x 4.5 x 3.

Junk Drawer, Inner Purse, or Purse Insert
Suzi is perfect for all those essential extras we carry with us. Simply load your goodies to keep them tame in your current purse, then move Suzi while she’s still fully loaded to your new purse when needed. Or, since they are so simple and quick, make one for each purse.

Are you already dreaming of more possible uses for Suzi? She’s a great desktop organizer or basket. I already have a Suzi by my sewing machine, holding many of my sewing notions, rotary cutter, machine needles, point turner, etc, etc, etc…

A Quick Project
Best of all, Suzi is quick to make. With just two to three fat quarters of fabric and a bit of fusible interfacing, you’ll have your first Suzi made in no time.

Suzi Sizes
Suzi is designed to work specifically with any of Joan's bag patterns, but she plays well with others, too.

Medium Suzi fits bags that use Bag-E-Bottoms sizes A-F.
Large Suzi fits bags that use Bag-E-Bottoms sizes A, C, D, F.

Simply put, Suzi will work with all of the bags which use any of the Bag-E-Bottoms bag supports. The medium sized Suzi even fits bags that use the smallest size Bag-E-Bottom size B in purses including the Towne Purse and Veronica Pocketbook. It may be a snug fit, so consider leaving off the outside pockets for use in these bags.

Suzi Supplies
Medium Suzi uses 3 fat quarters of fabric and a bit of fusible interfacing. (Batting is not appropriate for Suzi.)
Large Suzi uses 4 fat quarters and a bit of fusible interfacing.

Price: $9.00