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Hi Quilters!

Today at the Cabin....

The cool weather is hanging on. 11-12 degrees at night, 35 or 36 during the day. Today, it seems, we will see freezing rain. Rain is always a good thing, no matter what form, in the spring. We didn't get our usual snow pack this year, so if there is a dry spring, our water tables will be in trouble. This rain, though, will green things up and take a way a bunch more snow.

Still no planting, ground is still frozen, but the chickens are laying again so it's all good!

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Stars of Wonder Quilt Pattern

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Twin Lambs Wall Quilt Pattern

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Rainbow Garden Quilt Pattern

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Spinning Wheels Technique Quilt DVD

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Once Upon A Time Fairy Tale Puzzle Quilts Patterns

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Rings on the Double Quilt Pattern

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Mandala Oriental/Aztec Sun Quilt Pattern

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Y-Seams - The Kaye Wood Way

Easy, fast and fun, you'll never be afraid of them again!


Hamptons Handbag Pattern


Secrets to Snaps, Straps and Interfacings Handbag Technique Cards


Sonja Backpack to Bag Pattern


Afternoon Tea Cozy Pattern


Recycling or Upcycling Quilts....

What do you do with older quilts? You can upcycle them into pillows or wallhangings, donate them to animal or human shelters, make some beautiful draft shoppers, or donate them to local free-cycle groups.

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Homesteading Corner....

How In The World Do The Chickens Stay Warm?

Actually, they are pretty adaptable. Just like any animal that lives outside, they have their own ways. During the coldest, coldest days we had (-32 this year) they stayed inside their coop. I open the door for them every morning, and make sure they have enough food and always fresh water. The fresh water is important to helping them stay warm. The coop is not insulated, and it is vented pretty well, but there is a good layer of hay/chicken poo on the floor, which as it composts, creates a bit of heat. It can be -10 outside and a balmy 40 inside the coop. They sit on the perch with their feet tucked up underneath them to keep those warm. I will throw some scratch or corn on the floor and they happily peck and scratch their way through the hay, looking for treats. They are also pretty handy at turning their own little compost pile. In the spring I will fork out all of the composted hay and manure and throw it around in my garden, then we'll start over. At night they get closed up, to protect them from the raccoons and other critters that are looking for a quick meal.

Granted, these are adults, a Northern variety of chicken, we have Barred Rocks, New Hampshire Reds and Rhode Island Reds that have been adapted to our zone by just living and breeding here.

The new baby chicks (and turkeys and ducks) will need a heat lamp 24/7 until they don't. Some say until they are feathered out, and there are others who give a timeline, but for me, when they don't huddle under the lamps anymore (combination of feathers and warmer weather), that's when I turn off the lamps. For the first few days to up to a week, they will be inside. After a week or so of being inside, the dust and stink is usually enough to get me to go out and get the baby chick pen ready, then their fuzzy little behinds will become "outside critters". Not to worry though, they still have all of the feed their little butts can consume, fresh (thawed out) water and of course heat, plus, they LOVE to run around the pen and scratch at things, test their wings, pretty entertaining to watch them.

The eggs are coming on now that the days are longer, so I'll stockpile a few every day. (Fresh eggs don't hard boil well at all, so we keep a few extra to let them get "old" for potato salad, devilled eggs....)

A New Contest....

Loop Abroad....

So... my granddaughter, Faith Shaw has an amazing opportunity to go to Thailand for a couple of weeks this summer to work at an Elephant Nature Preserve with the local veterinarians. Seeing as her dream is to become a vet, herself, I thought I would do a little giveaway to help her out to earn the money she needs for tuition and travel.
Winner will be drawn on April 13th, 2015 via the website.
Go to this page and donate:
Then email me and tell me you did this.
Then I will enter your name to win a shopping spree worth $100.00 toward anything in our store. Sale stuff, new stuff, tools and template, patterns and pick.
Here is the scale... If you donate $10.00, you get one entry.
$20.00 gets you 2 entries, $30.00 gets you 3 entries.....
I will also cover the shipping on this.

Quilt Sizes....

Deciding on what size quilt to make is a first step in planning a new project. Wall quilts can, of course be any size you choose. But, if you are making a quilt which will go on a bed you need to make decisions.

Read the rest of the article from Equilters.

DVD of the Week....

Spinning Wheels Techniqes DVD

Bulls eye quilts are what this technique focuses on and the different methods of putting them together. Your octagon bull's-eyes have raw edges and will fray with use and washing. The choice of fabric will determine the amount of fray: flannel will fray a lot; cottons less. If the idea of raw edges on your quilt does not appeal to you, there are options for different finishing techniques. Uses the View & Do Octagon Shape (sold separately)

Get The Technique DVD on our Sale page, HERE

Reader's Show and Tell....

Marine Quilts (Updated Link) gives quilts to the next of kin of our fallen soldiers to remind them that we feel for their sacrifice. You can go to their website to see examples and to get instructions for donating blocks.


Send me pictures of your creations and we'll put them here and on our Show and Tell Page.

FR** E-Pattern for March 2015....

Windmill Quilt Pattern


Unlike ordinary windmill quilts, Kaye Wood's simplified techniques put a new spin on this pattern to make this project a breeze. Beginners will find it easier by adding sashing strips. For the more adventurous, go without the sashing. This project uses Kaye's Starmaker 5 tool to ensure accuracy (sold separately).

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It's Raining, It's Pouring......It's time to Quilt.....

Flip Flop Blocks Technique

Click HERE To watch this technique

This smart looking purse is easy to make and very functional. The inside is fully lined and the purse features a back pocket.

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Just because we are all dreaming of Spring.. We're bringing back our Flower of the Month....

Dutch Blooms Pattern


Happy Apple Quilts at

Elegance in a diamond setting.

Rosy, springtime tulip petals amid the straight lines give this quilt both elegance and simplicity.

This block quilt makes a very quick project and is great for batiks. Instructions for mitered corners are very easy to follow and easy for beginners

Wall Hanging Size 40" X 40

On our SALE page, HERE

You May Have Noticed....

That our epatterns and books aren't working.

We are trying to get this resolved, but in the meantime, all of our ebooks and epatterns are on Craftsy (and they're a bit cheaper there also!)


Oakley is settling in nicely, however, she and Kita don't always see eye-to-eye. I am confident, though, that they will, in time, become good friends.

Terrye and Kita (and Oakley)

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