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Hi Quilters!

Today at the Cabin....

Well..... 4 more days until we leave for vacation. This will be a 1 week, friends and family bike trip around the UP of Michigan, Northern Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota. Can't wait! Then back for a week and off to Alaska for a niece's wedding. Whew!! This summer is flying by. The Solstice came and went and I didn't even realize it. Between work in the garden, getting the pool opened up and getting ready to be gone, it seems like days run into nights run into days... After all of that nonsense, it will be county fair time, then harvest, and then the leaves will change and drop and then the snow will fly! Yikes! Enough of that....

Yes, looking forward to my vacation. The Northern Tier on 2 wheels. It doesn't get any better than that!

No newsletter next week, cause, you know....

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Wilderness Trio Pattern


Abbey Plaid Quilt Pattern


Big Game Quilt Pattern


Giddy Up Quilt Pattern


Snowy Hideaway Quilt Pattern


Pirates for Boys and Girls Pattern


Gears Quilt Pattern


Pinecones and Evergreens Applique Pattern


Cute Patterns to Store Your Stuff....

Britta Hoopster Basket Pattern

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Catch All Caddy Pattern

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Snazzy Striped Tote Pattern

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Cat's Eye Basket Pattern

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Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool Festival

Ingrid Convertible Cannister Pattern


Eva Sewing Basket Pattern


Tubular Baskets Pattern


Flared Top Baskets Pattern


Science of Color - Why Do Those Fabrics Go Together....

by Debby Henry

At one time or another, we have all looked at a color combination and thought, "I would never have put those fabrics together, but they look... fabulous!" Do you know why? There is actually a science to it. How much do you know about color theory?

Read the rest of the article , HERE

Homesteading Corner....

Going on Maintenance Mode....

Surprisingly, there has not been much homestead-y stuff going on, other than the daily maintenance. I found one of my adult duck hens in my lilac bushes, sitting on about 15 eggs. Really? Like I need more ducks! They are pretty, and fun to watch and I love to fill up the wading pool for them so they splash and play, but there are 23 of them. That is quite enough I think! How many babies there will be has yet to be seen.

Garden is in, so now there is hoeing and culling and replanting. The onions look awesome and there are blossoms on the squash, melons, pumpkins and cuke plants. The beans and peas are climbing the trellises like that's their job, the potatoes have emerged from the haybales that I planted them in. The lawn needs to be mowed every other minute and I just start to get caught up when it rains again. Which give the weeds another shot at life, the grass another burst, but is great for my flowers. Still to do this week, clean up the leoftovers from planting, get the rest of the holly hocks planted...

Funny Story...

I LOVE hollyhocks! Well, this spring, I decided that anytime I had a leftover pot or cell of dirt, I was going to plant a couple of hollyhock seeds. Great, right? Well we may have overdone it a bit. And I'm talking HUNDREDS of hollyhock plants. Not complaining, I love them, but they do need to find a more permanent home than in their pots on my deck! And then I'll go back to my mowing and hoeing.....

DVD of the Week....

Straw Wreath With Pinecones Techniques DVD

Watch Joan Shay make this wonderful straw wreath wallhanging using her famous Appli-Bond technique.

Pattern not included.

Tip: Kaye demonstrates scalloped edges for borders

Get The Technique DVD, HERE

Reader's Show and Tell....

My almost 12 yr old granddaughter, Lanie, made this flannel wall hanging using Kaye Wood's View & Do Octagon shapes.  This will be a special gift for her adult Reading partner from grades 1-5, who is now recovering from cancer and chemo therapy. Great job


Send me pictures of your creations and we'll put them here and on our Show and Tell Page.

FR** E-Pattern for June 2015....

Twirling Stars Quilt Pattern


Stars twirl clockwise or counter-clockwise around this quilt for a dazzling effect! Easy and fun to make, this pattern features strip sets that are easily cut. Uses the Starmaker 6 tool (sold separately).

Sizes: Wallhanging, Tabledrape, Crib, Twin, Double, King

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Get the Starmaker 6 Master Template HERE

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Jumping Jacks Quilt Technique

The Starmaker 5 will make perfect 5-pointed stars, that's what the 5 means. But, it is also a master template for many quilt patterns, fans, wedges and stars. It also has 3 different angles, identified on the ruler by the numbers 5, 20 and a right angle, used to cut many different design shapes.

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This Week, our Flower of the Week is.....

70's Quilt Pattern


A Little More Effect at

Calling all hippies! This quilt is "Flower Power" at it's finest!
Finished Size: 21.5" x 42"


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Terrye (who can't seem to get all of her ducks in a row!) - yeah, I know that was bad.....

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