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Hi Quilters!

Today at the Cabin....

And it's snowing again. LOL. YUP, between Mother Nature's Last Stand and the ice coming off of the big lakes, the weather this time of year is anyone's guess.

Was all ready to get my new asparagus planted. Was all ready to get my strawberries moved. At least I got some lettuces planted. The ground isn't frozen, but this morning it was white. Which is totally normal, April being fairly fickle, but it's hard to deal with when we've had just the briefest taste of spring.

Almost all of the seeds are started! Just have to get a few more flats in, but this is non critical stuff, flowers and herbs for my chickens.

Our Contest.....

Barbara has won! She gets $100.00 in merchandise from our store!
Thanks so much to everyone who played!!
When I contacted Barbara about her prize, she requested that we donate the $100.00 back to Faith's Veterinary Mission Trip to Thailand fund.
Thanks Barbara! Every little bit helps.

This week, on our sale page, a selection of wallhangings, quilts and seasonal banners, bin patterns, and lots more clearance items. Additionally, while cleaning out the shed to store the new bike (you know, after it stops snowing), we found more boxes of Kaye's favorite, Everyone Can Quilt! This one is marked down to half price! Check them all out on our Sale page, HERE

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Everyone Can Quilt - Half Price!

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Spring Fling Tablerunner and TabletopperPattern

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Seasons Treasures Banner Patterns

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Scrappy Stars Quilt Pattern

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More Weekend Runners Patterns

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Bloomin' Days Pattern

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Liberty Banner Pattern

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Back Up North Wallhanging Pattern

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Rag Bag Recycled Slippers Patter

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Bad Hare Day Wallhanging Pattern

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Ring Around The Rosy Technique DVD

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How To Organize Your Quilting and Sewing Patterns....

I used to have a manageable stash of vintage patterns. I'd collected them over many years, and only really bought ones that I absolutely loved. I used nearly all of them, and kept them in four small Ikea boxes, labeled by time period. Life was simple.

But when people find out you are in the sewing pattern business, something funny happens. They start giving you their old patterns. Being a lover of all things vintage and sewing related, I treasured these gifts. Even though I know I'll never make them all, I love the artwork and the inspiration. I'm not usually a hoarder, but I don't mind saying that this is the one exception.

However, the collection soon numbered in the hundreds. I still wanted to use them occasionally, or at least be able to look through them easily. This is what the pattern surplus looked like before I started organizing. Piled up in a "Head Man Cabbage" box.

Read the rest of the article, from The Coletterie, HERE

Kickin' Stash Quilt Pattern


Bricks and Mortar Quilt Pattern


Strip Tease Quilt Pattern


Songs of Spring Quilt Pattern


Organizing Your Quilting Space....

If you have lived with the chaos for years and no longer find it inspiring, it's time to DO something about it. It doesn't have to be a daunting, overwhelming task. Break it down into small pieces and do it a bit at a time.

Start by defining the area you want to organize. Is your sewing area an actual room, or just a corner of the dining table? Either way, you need to define it, label it (if only in your head) and set priorities for its use. For example, if your sewing area is also a guest bedroom, make a decision: which one is more important to you? There is no reason a space in your home can't have multiple uses, but you do need to clarify which use is the primary one.

Read more:

From Our Blog

Peek inside Magic Stack n Whack at on our Blog!

Homesteading Corner....

Chicken Stragglers.....

Last week I wrote about uses for old pallets but forgot one very important use. That is the stringing together of them, putting some old styrofoam under them and using them for rafts in the farm ponds. Great fun for the kids (assuming your kids can swim, which for some reason, mine were born otters)!

Now that the nice weather is here, we are starting to see what I like to refer to as Chicken Stragglers. These are the Houdini of the Flock birds. No matter how tight the fences, all the holes plugged up, tops of the fences secured, wings clipped.... there is always a hen or three that figures out how to get out. This time of year, before the garden is planted, I let them out in the yard during the day, so it's probably my fault for getting them used to free ranging, but on days when the neighbor's dog is running loose, eagles and hawks have been spotted overhead or I'm going to be gone for the day, they get to stay in their pen. Most of them. The Stragglers always figure it out though. There's nothing to be done about it; just have to accept it. I'm sure I'm losing a few eggs but my bird numbers have remained consistent so maybe I should just let them out (until I plant the garden).

It would really be nice if I could witness the actual escape, but I'm still in denial about the possibility.

DVD of the Week....

Ring Around The Rosy Techniques DVD

Ring Around The Rosy Tablerunner Technique DVD uses Kaye's View & Do Circle Shape to create the ripples in the pond. Pattern is in the ebook, Circles Made Simple

Get The Technique DVD on our Sale page, HERE

Reader's Show and Tell....

This is my first attempt to make a lap quilt using stripes and prairie points, I have so many quilts with prairie points and fell in love with it. One day surfing different quilt sites I came across Kaye Wood's show, "How to make prairie points the easy way".  Made them the Kaye Wood way, I'll will be making more quilts with prairie points. Thank you Kaye so much, I have only been quilting for about an year now, no lessons or anything. I grew up as a child with quilts on my bed have love them ever since.


Send me pictures of your creations and we'll put them here and on our Show and Tell Page.

FR** E-Pattern for April 2015....

Morning Star Quilt Pattern


An easy to do design that only looks difficult. Choose two colors, then find five fabrics in each color family ranging from light to dark. Strip sets are cut into topless triangles and the triangles are joined together. You can include a variety of small and large prints, stripes and solids. Uses the Starmaker 6 Master Template (sold separately).

Size: 30" x 32"

Get the Morning Star Quilt Technique DVD HERE

Get the Starmaker 6 Master Template HERE

Using a Color Wheel For Quilting....

Color is one of the most important aspects of quilt design. While there are infinite variations possible, it's important that quilters think about how to effectively use the right colors to create visual appeal within their quilts. While sometimes colors work well together - bringing balance and contrast to the quilt design; other times they don't, resulting in a project that's not quite as beautiful as desired.....

Read the rest of the article by Sherri McConnell on Craftsy, HERE

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Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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How about a super versatile caddy?

Caddy Pad Construction Technique

Click HERE To watch this technique

Popular, and adorable iron tote allows you to pack up your hot iron and waiting for it to cool, no wrestling with dangling cords. Two buttons open quickly to a 19 1/2" x 25 1/2" pressing pad.

The Caddy Pad pattern comes with silver heat resistant fabric, enough to make one pad.

Try making this pattern with a towel for the lining. Packing it up for a lunch bag that comes with its' own placemat, or, make it in playful fabrics for an on-the-go car carrier, or to-go tea set!

How about lining it with red and white gingham check and it opens up to be your place mat!
Or, applique roads inside the Caddy Pad and filled the tote with little cars for your kids play corner, or make it out of little girl fabric and fill with tiny dolls.
Make a checkerboard on the lining and fill it with checker pieces.

Check out our YouTube Channel - over 150 FR**, online videos to help you Get It Right!

Just because we are all dreaming of Spring.. We're bringing back our Flower of the Month....

Coneflowers Pattern


Thimble and Thread at

Delightful small quilts that may be used as wall hangings or table toppers. Finishes approximately 18" x 20". Perfect for beginners.

On our SALE page, HERE

Hexagons From Kaye....

Traditional techniques for cutting hexagons include paper piecing (one piece for each hexagon) or individual template piecing, which involves tracing around the template for each hexagon and cutting with scissors. Time saved using Kaye's technique is tremendous, very accurate and any size.

From the Ebook Easy Hexagon Designs by Kaye Wood HERE

Technique DVD HERE

Go HERE for Janome's Tutorial


Terrye and Kita (and Oakley)

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