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Hi Quilters!

Today at the Cabin:

Ok, so I feel like I'm almost running on all cylinders. Good days, bad days are morphing into good days with bad moments. Still mad, still sad, still want to know why......

But that's enough of that!

Tomato plants are covered with tomatoes. Covered! But... they're all green! Knowing this state like I do, we could get frost any time and the nights are getting much cooler.

Another long cold winter is predicted if you follow the folks who publish The Farmer's Almanac, which I do.

The apples are hanging on the trees waiting for the first hard frost to set their sugars, then we pick and turn them into apple sauce and apple pie timber.

The woods are showing their colors, and colored leaves litter the lawn. The chickens have slowed down their egg production (sadness :-( and there are a plethora of fall chores to get done to prepare the farm for winter.

This week, on our sale page, to make up for my absence, I've gone hog wild for you. We are featuring all of Karen Combs patterns and templates as well as a HUGE selection of back to school patterns. And when I say "Back To School", oh boy! We have backpacks, lunch bags, messenger and other tote bags, e-reader covers and cases and iPad covers and cases, and laptop carrier patterns as well as hurt and clearance items too.

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What's On Sale....

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Tablet Tote Bag Pattern


More Patchwork Illusions


Ciara's Munch Bag Pattern


iCases Pattern


Backpack Adventures Pattern


Water and Sky Pattern


September Holiday House Schoolhouse Pattern


Caddy Pad Plus Iron Tote and Lunch Bag Pattern


New In The Shop....

Tweet Friends Block of the Month 8 Block Pattern

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Pastel Passion Quilt Pattern

On Our What's New Page

Baa Baa Black Sheep Pattern

On Our What's New Page

Little Country Charmers Tablerunner Pattern

On Our What's New Page

New Twister Tools and Patterns....

On our What's New Page

Twister Tote

Twister Tool

Triple Twister

Twister Illusions

Twister Sparkler

Weekend Twister

Reader's Show and Tell....

......The earth tone batik quilt, with green pinwheels is done from

Kaye Wood's Pinwheel Squares Quilt....Phyllis

Send me pictures of your creations and we'll put them here and on our Show and Tell Page.

FR** E-Pattern....

Nebula Epattern - the link is fixed!


Quick, look up in the sky and catch of glimpse of Nebula. This easy lone star pattern is made from 11 different fabrics, and ringed with color, just like the exploding star it's name is captured from.

88" x 88"

Uses the Starmaker 8 Master Template

Thread Theory.....

Generally, a 20 - 30 wt thread is used for a heavy thread used for decorative stitches. 28 wt. or 30 wt. thread is used for in the bobbin for decorative work. 40wt thread is a quilting thread and 50 wt is a piecing thread. 50wt and 60wt can be used in the bobbin and is also good for applique. This is only a rough guideline, however, rules are made to be broken! Experiment with what works best for you. To help you with your selection, read the end of the spool. Generally, you will find information about:What is mercerized thread? Simply put, mercerized cotton thread has been put through a series of processes causing the thread to swell, become round and straighten out. Any fuzz is singed off. This increases the luster of the thread as well as improves water and dye absorption. Since fine, long stapled fibers respond best to mercerization, it is usually those types of cotton (Sea Island, Egyptian, Pima) that are used. Most threads currently manufactured are mercerized. When using your thread on a machine, be sure to put the top part of the spool up. This isn't always as obvious as you might think. To determine which part of the spool is the top, hold the spool horizontally by the top and bottom. Unroll about a foot of the thread. If the thread hangs freely, you unrolled it from the top. If it twists back on itself, you unrolled it from the bottom. Don't use old thread you find laying around just to use it up. Give it the yank test. If you can break it by yanking it off the spool, it will break in your machine. Toss it out. Do not save it for a craft project, throw it out for the birds (which can be fatal to the) or donate it to charity. Put it in the garbage can and don't look back.

The correct needle for specialty threads

If you are hand stitching, the sharp edges of the needles eye may fray the thread. To help prevent this, thread the needle with a short (less than 18") length of thread, then slip the thread back thorough the eye again forming a loop around the eye. Every few stitches, tug at this loop to get the tail to slip about another inch along its length so the same piece of thread isn't going through the needle's eye.

Sewing with specialty threads

If you are sewing with specialty threads you will most likely have to adjust needle and tension positions. Remember to always adjust the upper tension of your machine with the foot down. It may not register the change if it is up. Once you find a setting you like, write it down! Then play with the tensions to see the different effects that you can achieve by "pulling" the bottom thread up to the top. Many threads really perform better in the bobbin with a cotton or invisible thread in the needle. If you like the effect, consider buying a separate bobbin case and leaving the tension set up for bobbin work. Try these suggestions and see if it helps. If you are going to be embroidering with your machine, choose your thread weight according to the design. Embroidery thread is available in sizes ranging from 30wt (heavier thread good for lots of fill) to 60wt (thinner thread for more detail.) Embroidery thread can be rayon, polyester, cotton, or silk. Read more at Quiltbug:

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Happy Jacks Quilt Pattern


Miss Elizabeth Quilt Pattern


Harmony Button Quilt Pattern


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Flower Of The Month For August....

Monet's Water Lily Pattern and Template

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Square Me Up Ruler Technique by Elisa Wilson of Back Porch Designs.

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