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Terrye and Karen both hail from West Branch.

Terrye has been knitting since "longer than forever" and is desperately trying to learn to crochet. This has been humorous.
She's dreamed of owning a yarn shop for lots and lots of years so she would have more time to knit. Something went wrong; there's less time to knit than before, but she's holding out hope.

Karen started out as a quilter and has an amazing eye for color. She rode the trails as a child and used the traditional hobo bag, which was too bland for her, so she started quilting to make it more interesting.
She proclaims to be "color obsessed" as in "that's not aqua, that's teal". And don't even get her started on the difference between peach and coral.

Lilac, our "guard-kitten" has claimed the chair by the door to keep an eye on everyone who walks in. Who am I kidding; she claims whichever chair she wants. Customers come in just to spend time with her and she expects nothing less.

Charles is our pet spider. He like to be the star of the show in all of Karen's displays. While he doesn't have the following that Lilac does, our customers still love him. He loves to dress up for the holidays and has recently been spotted wearing reindeer antlers and a green bow tie.

Of course it's up to you to determine what's real and what's not here, just know that
North Woods Knit & Purl is The. Most. Awesomest. Yarn. Shop, In. The. Great. White. North.

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