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Handy Gauge Ruler Stitch and Row Gauge by Ann Budd
by Ann Budd

The Handy Gauge Ruler features outlines of black (for light-colored yarn) and white (for dark-colored yarn) knitted stitches in 11 "gauge"s ranging from 4 stitches/inch to 9 stitches/inch in one-half-stitch-per-inch increments.


120 Degree Triangle Ruler by Creative Grids

The "ruler" comes with fully illustrated step by step instructions Cut 1-1/2; 2-1/2; and 3-1/2 inch strips.


Clover Knitting Needle Gauge and Sizer
by Clover

UPC: 51221353147

Knitting needle "gauge" for measuring needles of size 0-19. 3" "ruler" at the bottom.


Boye Metal Stitch and Row Gauge and Needle Sizer
by Boye

UPC: 70659777882

Knit Gauge Calibrator for measuring US size (0-17) & mm size (2 - 12 1/2) knitting needles plus 6" "ruler".


Single Strip Tumbler Ruler by Creative Grids
by Creative Grids

Use the straight side of this "ruler" to cut 1-1/2in and 2-1/2in strips. Sew these strips together to create a 2-1/2in wide strip set. Turn around the "ruler" to cut tumblers that finish 2in. 


2 Peaks in 1 6" Triangle Non Slip Ruler by Creative Grids
by Creative Grids

The Multi-Size 2 Peaks in 1 Triangle "ruler" combines the angles you need to create triangle in a square blocks which requires a two to one ratio.


The Sock Ruler
by The Sock Ruler

The Sock Ruler is constructed of a heavy duty yet flexible plastic; an innovative measuring tool for sock knitters that goes inside of the sock allowing it to lie flat and ensure accurate measurements.

$12.00 - $25.99

Creative Grids Straight Out Of Line 6in x 10in Ruler by Creative Grids
by Creative Grids

The Straight Out of Line "ruler" creates unique four-patch blocks with the illusion of curves. 


Tumbler Double Strip Ruler by Creative Grids
by Creative Grids

One side of the "ruler" is to cut you strips & the other side has relevant triangles.


Lazy Angle Ruler by Lazy Girl Designss
by 2 Easy Design

Use the Lazy Angle "ruler" to create blocks that are quick to cut and easy to piece for perfect points everytime.&nbs


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