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Mod Attic Windows Quilt Pattern by Karen Combs
by Karen Combs

This modern take on a traditional attic win"do"ws pattern is fast and easy.  No set-in


Special Occasions Tablerunner and Placemat Pattern by Patti Carey
by Patti Carey

Celebrate seasonal holidays and special events with this quick and easy table set pattern.


Starmaker Design Concepts Book - Original Version
by Kaye Wood

This is the book you need to compliment your Starmaker? tools. A chapter devoted to each one this technique book will show you how to use your tools to their fullest potential.


Chrysanthemums (Dresden Plate) Quilt and Pillow Pattern by Kaye Wood
by Kaye Wood

Chrysanthemums. Now you can have flowers all year long with this quilt/pillow pattern.


Starmaker 5 Master Template by Kaye Wood
by Kaye Wood

The Starmaker 5 makes perfect 5-pointed stars other quilt patterns fans wedges and stars.


Fantasy Garden by The Quilted Lizard
by The Quilted Lizard

Picture yourself in a beautiful garden of flowers that only your imagination could grow.


Holiday Tree Banner Pattern with Hanger and Buttons Included by Patchabilities
by Patch Abilities

Manufacturer #: P45

Holiday Tree is a vintage style Christmas tree and its scrap friendly using assorted greens for the tree branches. A real stash buster.


Goose Garden Quilt Pattern by Back Porch Designs
by Back Porch Designs

Goose Garden Quilt Pattern uses the 8" Rainbow Template to create these flying geese.


Merry Christmas Quilt Pattern by Lunch Box Quilts
by Lunch Box Quilts

It’s never to early to get ready for Christmas. This pattern collection contains eight Christmas embroidery machine appliqué designs.


Strip Quilting Projects Book 10 GERMAN VERSION by Kaye Wood
by Kaye Wood

This book is written German all instructions are in German. Over 61 projects and techniques to choose from. Every project starts with five strips ranging from light to dark shades of the same color group.