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Wait, What? It's February Already?

I mean, January is always loooonnnnnggggg. And this January was no exception. Between the crazy weather, finishing up the cleanup from Christmas and everything else, it seemed to go on forever. But I count on that, right?  I count on January being around forever before I'm launched into the rest of the year. 
So, last July I had to spontaneously jump into our farm pond to rescue our elderly dog (who, ironically, has never been able to swim). She had made it to the side and was clinging on to the bank (steep banks) for her life. So, being that this is my baby, I jumped in. It was July, so not cold. Tried and tried to push her up the bank (120 lbs) and was unable to do this. Hubby came to help and between the two of us, we got her out of the pond but in the meantime, I stepped in calf deep silt and did a sudden left turn which my knee deeply resented. Immediately I became the spokeswoman for Rice Krispies (snap, crackle and pop), and boy did it pop! Immediate pain, no strength, and did I mention pain? So, after we rescued my dog, hubby had to rescue me as I couldn't get out of the pond either. Couldn't hardly put any weight on it, wouldn't support my weight, So I hobbled myself into the house and plopped down onto the couch. Where I remained for a few weeks. Finally got into get an MRI and yep, torn ACL. Not a full tear, but the partial one hurt just as bad.
My garden cried. My neglected canning jars sent up the white flags, it wasn't good.
So back onto the couch I put myself (thank the birds for Kindle Unlimited)!
8-9 months they told me to expect to be down. Well, my internal homesteader said, "Just watch me", and my 65-year-old knees reminded me that I was not an athlete in top physical condition. Physical Therapy, they said, and I went, and they tried to kill me.
All that to say that to this day, it still hurts, is still weak and we are still working with it, and I am working through my Kindle book list.
I've gotten tired of the sit on the couch all day so have been pushing myself and hubby has been helping as much as possible but come on! Something has to give.
Have another Dr. appointment in a couple of weeks to see if I'm even on track and we will see.
This page will also show you all of our kits and other markdowns. Enjoy!
Today? Back to hobbling around the homestead and getting ready for spring (which granted is still a ways away) but a girl can dream!

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