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The Sweater Workshop Book Shop Copy


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"Shop Copy" written on the front, but the book is intact.
Knitting is a hands-on activity; it's one thing to read about knitting a sweater and another thing to knit one completely from sometimes cryptic patterns.
First published in 1983, this book was written for knitters who have no desire to follow a pattern blindly but instead want to master the techniques necessary for sweater knitting, whether or not a pattern is available for the yarns they wish to use.
Fee works the prospective knitter through a sweater sampler that includes every technique needed to master knitting seamless sweaters in the round, using any yarn and based on the measurements of the wearer.
The finished sampler is a conversation piece that looks for all the world like a form-fitting pullover.
This second edition features a more readable format, updated designs, and more sweaters, as well as a spiral sock pattern intended as a practice project for knitters not accustomed to knitting in the round on double-point needles.
Recommended for all but the smallest knitting collections.