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Knitting Socks With Hanpainted Yarn Book by Carol J Sulcoski

Join author Carol Sulcoski as she explores handpainted sock yarns in Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn (Interweave, Fall 2008.)
Carol delves into handpainted yarns and divulges its secrets, how to make the best of these much-loved yarns, and how to knit socks with success with 20 new and original patterns designed just with these yarns in mind.  softcover, 127 pages

Handpainted sock yarns have captured the hearts of countless knitters. Colorful sock yarns are little gems of the knitting universe, providing hours of knitting bliss that result in a luxurious hand-crafted item. Author Carol Sulcoski delves into the mystery of the sock yarn and divulges its secrets, explains how to make the best of these much-loved yarns, and shows how to knit with success with 20 new patterns designed just with these yarns in mind.

Knitters struggle with handpainted yarns. How do you design projects with them versus other types of yarns?
How do you avoid the pitfalls of pooling and splotching? How do you combine multicolored handpaints with other types of yarns? 
Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn is designed to provide sock knitters with technical guidance so these wonderful yarns can be used to their best advantage, explaining the differences between various kinds of handpainted yarn and showing how to avoid undesirable effects.
Combining her handdyeing and knitwear designing knowledge, Carol shares techniques and tips to help every sock knitter turn out fabulous footwear.
Fun, original sock patterns from a variety of contributors illustrate these techniques.
The patterns will be written for widely-available handdyed yarns so that readers can get the same results, but readers will also learn to identify patterns for their unique yarns.

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