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Magic Pins Taylor Seville Originals

Taylor Seville Magic Extra Long Pins™ are sturdy, sharp, and extra-long.
These pins feature our heat resistant Comfort Grip™ handles that make pinning several layers of fabric a breeze.
Taylor Seville Magic Extra Long Pins™ are available in two thicknesses;
the Regular pins (0.6mm) are perfect for medium weight fabrics and Fine pins (0.5mm) are ideal for pinning delicate fabric.
Use these pins for patchwork, basting quilt layers and much more! 
Taylor Seville Magic Quilting Pins™ are ideal for using with multiple layers of fabric, fabrics with loose weaves, synthetic furs, plush velvets and bulky fabrics.
These pins feature heat resistant, Comfort Grip™ unique handles with ridges.
The handles are easy on hands for pinning and the heat resistance will allow ironing right over the pins without removing them.
Available in 2 thicknesses; Regular(0.6mm) and Fine(0.5mm). 

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