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Sandal Socks from Sidna Farley

The history of knitting is primarily the history of socks.
Join the millions of sock knitters and keep the tradition alive with warm and comfortable footwear.
Start with the basic sock and branch out from there.
These socks are knit out of heavier yarn than traditional sock yarn and, of course, are faster to knit.
They work well in sandals, sport shoes and hiking boots.
Socks should be the same diameter or a little smaller than the foot.
To size socks, measure around the ankle or ball of foot of the recipient.
Usually they are the same size. If the ankle is bigger, decrease a few extra times at the instep to make the foot the right diameter.
If the recipient is not available to try on the sock, have them draw around their foot to get the length as well as measuring the ball of the foot.

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